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17 graft investigation as attempted coups against the government and the pro-Kurdish political movement therefore acted in contravention of the opposition camp's expectations of the pro-Kurdish political movement.
We believed that the first wave was an alliance of the state, Islamist political movement and the democratic movement against Mubarak's gang.
Political analyst Rashid Waziri, who is an adviser at the Regional Studies Centre of Afghanistan, said he believes the Taliban are tired of war and it will be a step in the right direction if they launch a political movement.
The authors' aim, detailed in the latter part of their book after their feverishly frenzied attack on humanism, is to harness conservative churches and pastors (a well-chosen simile) to a political movement to restrict abortion rights, reinstate public school prayer, get fundamentalist creationism into public school science classes, institute vouchers for sectarian and other private schools, clamp down on gays and lesbians, and impose religious tests for political office.
The] era of 1865 to 1896 saw a massive deflation under a gold standard, deflation that produced the populist political movement, followed between 1896 and 1913 with a more rapid gold inflation.
6-7, after which the government rejected demands for dialogue from the pro-Kurdish political movement, abated, attacks against civilians by the Kurdistan Workers' Party (PKK) continue.
Conversely, the Islamist political movement and the feloul refused to share power and worked on the exclusion of the other groups, because their projects do not include, in any way, coexistence, but in fact require some tyranny.
But it is also a political movement, and its larger political agenda is two-fold: to win more political converts to its cause while at the same time keeping apart communities that could be potential allies in a larger progressive movement.
Some activists actually believe that they can build a political movement around such dopiness.
The mass religious enthusiasm and ecstasy, the experience of and talk about "miracles," and the conversion experiences are not incidental, but seem to have played vital, functional roles in the political movement.
In Ireland, the populist (or at any rate popular) political movement of the day was far more humane and more respectful of the liberal tradition than the right-or left-wing mass movements to be found elsewhere in Europe.
And it is for that reason, rather than the practical details, that the broader political movement of which the demand for a living wage is the leading edge is ultimately doomed to failure: For the amorality of the market economy is part of its essence, and cannot be legislated away.
Following many others, Fluehr-Lobban simply associates the Arab in modern time "with the political movement of Arab nationalism, articulated by many nationalist leaders in anticolonial .
Yylmaz wrote a column titled "The Kurdish political movement needs to clean up" on Thursday.
The Ministry of Interior voiced its approval for the armed forces' Monday announcement and vowed not to favour any one political movement over another.