political liberty

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one's freedom to exercise one's rights as guaranteed under the laws of the country

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That doesn't require the kind of impossible constitutional amendment the two authors propose, and it wouldn't threaten political liberty.
This is the second time, since March 13, 2011, that the crown prince has called for the opposition to come to dialogue, reminding them that it is the only way forward to a permanent and peaceful political settlement that will see the country gain political liberty and economic prosperity.
He urged all Lebanese to support their Army and spare it all political polarization and categorization, since it harbors the first and foremost responsible role in defending all sects and political liberty in the country, he noted.
These laws have nothing to do with some idealised, abstract notion of individual political liberty.
of Mississippi) argues that the emergence of the modern federal state in Switzerland and associated modern European ideas of political liberty, republicanism, and popular sovereignty must be seen as part of a single, if somewhat incoherent, revolutionary process that spanned from the middle of the 18th Century to the Revolutions of 1848.
Thus, respect for religious, economic, and political liberty, for example, and for human life in all stages and conditions (including the life of the child in the womb), and for marriage and the family as institutions essential to the well-being of all, as well as the obligation of government to provide security against domestic criminals and foreign enemies, all have the same basic ground.
Historian Quentin Skinner's latest book deals with the notion of political liberty in the thought of Thomas Hobbes (1588-1679).
O'Rourke, "Robert Guest has discovered the quantum mechanics of economic growth and political liberty.
China is having considerable economic growth, yet political liberty appears nowhere on the horizon.
Through his state sovereignty and concurrent majority theories, Calhoun made two basic political moves to rationalize American constitutionalism and provide for it a more secure grounding in political liberty and human flourishing, or so he believed.
Finally, I think she substantially underestimates the significance of religious dispute to the use of Anglo-Saxonism in early modern political writing and, therefore, the role of this writing in discussions of political liberty across the Atlantic world.
The influence of classical republicanism, in other words, decisively shaped French liberalism to the extent that this political strand focuses on political liberty and its attending moral implications as can be seen, for example, in Benjamin Constant's and Alexis de Tocqueville's works.
However, this nation was not built primarily on government programs, but rather by generations of Americans blessed with political liberty and engaging their talents through free enterprise.
As rising authoritarian powers, China or Russia, for example, have no reason to use their growing international influence to promote democracy; on the contrary, they increasingly counterbalance the efforts of Western countries to promote political liberty.
Tracing a Catholic genealogy of political liberty and constitutional sovereignty, Braun reveals that Mariana's idea of the monarch as a legal governor grew from a defense of the rights and liberties of the Church, and in this way can be seen as being related to, though not exactly the same as, Gallicanism: that shaky entente between protonationalist clergy and secular monarchy.