political correctness

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avoidance of expressions or actions that can be perceived to exclude or marginalize or insult people who are socially disadvantaged or discriminated against

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Political correctness is the notion that we should use politically correct language, or language that isn't consciously offending to any particular section of society.
Lenin's promotion and later enforcement of political correctness followed from his notion of partiiAinost, or party spirit, which also stood for "party truth," or the correct interpretation of the world and everything in it.
Walker can rest assured that there was no intent to substitute the word "used" for the letter's actual wording in an effort to be "more concerned with hurting the feelings of our former enemy," thus adhering to a kind of political correctness.
Put in those terms, political correctness sounds no bad thing, does it?
Beeb sources denied political correctness lay behind the decision not to revive it.
Political correctness can go too far when it impedes frank communication or masks real meanings.
In my opinion this political correctness is being made into a scapegoat in today's life which is based on certain standards, cliche perceptions, stereotypes that are injected in people's minds quite purposefully and consciously.
On his suspension by the Tory Party, he adds: "All we had done was pose holding a doll, comment that it was a symbol of political correctness and ask people to discuss the issue.
NEWSFLASH from the BBC - political correctness has officially reached inane levels.
Thought Prison: The Fundamental Nature of Political Correctness
HOW, in God's name, can we allow political correctness to abet murder?
Summary: An anti-racist Halloween campaign from the States has gotten Kipp thinking about the extent of political correctness (or lack of it) here in the Emirates.
I think that political correctness and racial sensitivities have in the past been an issue," the paper quoted him, as saying.
He said: "It was political correctness and it lasted really [until] the bombings of 2005 when everyone realised these people simply didn't subscribe to political correctness.
Gradually, political correctness became an umbrella term for all manner of expressions.