political correctitude

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avoidance of expressions or actions that can be perceived to exclude or marginalize or insult people who are socially disadvantaged or discriminated against

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Marshall, never known for tact or political correctitude, called the
Well, it would be if everyone did what they are told in the name of political correctitude.
As a critic, he takes on such revered figures as Robert Heinlein and Ursula Le Guin with insightful malice, particularly wounding Le Guin for her political correctitude.
The chapters on "Race and Assimilation" and "Gender" (the misnomer for "sex" employed by those in sympathy with the ideology that bred it) anachronistically impose a modern-age application of "racism" and "sexism" on an era unburdened by the strictures of political correctitude, and smack less of historical analysis than of obeisance to the Zeitgeist.
This week came the result of political correctitude when, in the face of nine Asian men getting a total of 77 years in prison for offences stretching from raping to sexual grooming 47 white girls, our so-called Establishment still refused to accept this was race-based.
With footage spanning band's history, feature offers a unique perspective on the lesbian community's own shift from '70s feminism-based political correctitude to a more encompassing embrace of rebellious fringe elements.
Mr Stuart Robinson, director of Savills Private finance, the mortgage offshoot of the up-market estate agent, has decided this is a piece of political correctitude worth resisting.
A person intoxicated by political correctitude might say of capital punishment that it is racist, repressive, fascistic and reminiscent of the worst excesses of the Portuguese Inquisition (or whatever).
It is odd to me how educated people like you, your editor friends and the bulk of literati in the world have so easily, so willingly placed the TRUTH in the backseat to assure political correctitude and its particular brand of "emotivity" which has become essentially lack of "emotivity.