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a contribution made to a politician or a political campaign or a political party

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Also, donations made by corporations in violation of Section 36(9) of the Corporation Code of the Philippines are subject to donor's tax and may not be deducted as political contribution on the part of the donor/corporation, the BIR added.
successfully challenge a corporate political contribution.
If, on the other hand, the candidate is running for office in a pay-to-play jurisdiction, then the employee must contact a political contribution compliance office to obtain approval before making the contribution.
On the other hand, the domestic firms form a lobby group whose political contribution schedule is defined by C(s), where s is the per unit subsidy granted by the host government to domestic firms, which we examine later in detail.
As the Venable firm warned its clients: "The penalties for non-compliance are significant, and a single impermissible political contribution could result in an investment adviser forfeiting millions of dollars in fees.
Proponents of political contribution incentives argue that they will bring into the political process new, small-dollar contributors who would otherwise not be able to afford to contribute.
Travis County District Court Judge Bob Perkins dismissed the charges last Thursday after the retailer reached an agreement with District Attorney Ronald Earle that requires Sears to disclose corporate political contributions on its Web site and cooperate with state officials in prosecuting others in the case.
A federal appeals court unanimously rejected a challenge to the constitutionality of federal rules outlawing so called "pay-to-play" political contributions by the municipal bond industry to state and local officials.
These expanded services relieve compliance groups of the arduous and daunting tasks of gathering and analyzing employee political contribution data and take away the worry that their firm is out of compliance.
It is prudent to utilize a "pre-approval process" for the CCO to screen political contribution requests.
As part of the agreements, the boards of directors at all four companies will oversee the companies political contribution policies and practices.
Murph said he hadn't known a political contribution could jeopardize the church's tax-exempt status until Parks' campaign returned the check.
His party needs to say ''no'' to the LDP scheme to ease regulation of political contribution disclosure, because there is no possible justification for the coalition's plan.
Since 1993, the Clinton administration, Democratic members of Congress, federal judges, and NLRB members appointed by Clinton have been engaged in a vast ruling class conspiracy with union leaders to keep employees covered by union contracts ignorant of their First Amendment rights under Beck, making it as difficult as possible for them to object and recover the political contribution portion of their dues.
An ingenious, but sneaky, kind of political contribution invented to get around limits on the amount of money political candidates can raise from individual contributors and from political action committees (PACs), which are organized lobby groups.