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a leader in a political party who controls votes and dictates appointments

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aACoeIt was God and Providence that lifted President Jonathan over and above his former political boss.
Beyond that, Plevneliev has said that he is capable of standing up to Borissov, currently his political boss, and in turn, Popova has said that she is capable of standing up to Plevneliev.
The chief of the defence staff slapped down his political boss, insisting: "It is not allowed under the UN resolution and it is not something I want to discuss any further.
In a candid interview with the Post at the time, Mr Tucker revealed he had considered resigning following the report and had met with his political boss, cabinet children's member Coun Les Lawrence, and bluntly asked him: "Do you want me to go?
They simply don't believe acting as a political boss is part of their pastor's job description.
Sir Humphrey was much smarter than his political boss, who could be outmanoeuvred with relative ease.
The former director of the Susa Archaeological Center has written an open letter to the new political boss of Iranian archaeology protesting what he calls the mismanagement of the historic sites at Susa, and threatening legal action for slander.
However, the decision will anger Coun Whitby's political boss, Tory leader David Cameron, who is also a staunch supporter of elected mayors.
ED RENDELL of Pennsylvania came up as well, though he's one of the dwindling number of pols who still looks like an old-style political boss.
Challenged to be both a Bush-loyalist and his own man, Kean has mounted a two-pronged attack by criticizing Menendez's ethics as a political boss in the legendary Hudson County Democratic machine, and attacking his strong anti-war position, his opposition to Bush's tax cuts, and his accommodating views on immigration as contrary to the interests of the state's unaffiliated suburbanites.
Considered a majority Sinhala hard-liner on Sri Lanka's separatist conflict, Wickremanayake was the political boss of the military when Kumaratunga was in office.
INDEPENDENT Cllr Val Stone blasted her former political boss John Mutton in an astonishing outburst.
It's the compelling story of a friendship between the local political boss Leo (Albert Finney) and Tom (Gabriel Byrne).
At the turn of the 19th century, public works projects served mainly to line the pockets of political boss George B.
One illustrative joke told again and again is about Antonio Carlos Magalhaes--the powerful political boss of Bahia state and former president of Senate.