political action committee

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committee formed by a special-interest group to raise money for their favorite political candidates


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Mass Independent Expenditure Political Action Committee is a super PAC that was formed to "communicate with voters about gubernatorial candidates prior to the November 2014 election.
Colbert had joked about creating a Political Action Committee on his satirical television show in an effort to highlight the fact that campaign finance laws allow media organizations to report and comment on campaigns and endorse candidates without filing and disclosure requirements.
Stanley Reed of Marianna, president of the nonprofit, private advocacy organization, says the resolution specifically prohibits the political action committee from contributing to candidates or political parties.
There is an annual dues fee and a centralized political action committee.
Kelley will oversee lobbying efforts related to appropriations, conservation and transportation issues, while Silverberg will focus on trade, biotechnology and NCGA's political action committee.
Under mounting pressure, the leaders of "Run, Jim, Run" on Wednesday registered their group as a political action committee.
Pierre is one of the vice chairpersons of Future PAC, a national African American women's political action committee.
In addition, the dues statement provides an easy way for members to make a contribution to the AICPA Foundation (including minority initiatives), AICPA Benevolent Fund or Political Action Committee.
As the first ESP member to serve on the Tennessee Education Association's Tennessee Political Action Committee, Christine Denton is laser-focused on this month's election.
Every lobbyist, political action committee, political consultant (yes, pollsters too), and government contractor would be charged a fee, either once up front or on an annual basis.
Though FEI historically has not been a political heavyweight (we don't have a political action committee or organize member political contributions), the situation and the strength of our recommendations propelled us to the forefront.
Your contributions to the CPA Political Action Committee and the Scholarship/CPA Career Fund positively impact the profession's future.
The company's establishment of a political action committee is understandable after witnessing the way it's been handled by governmental agencies and the courts.
Now we see that it has its own PAC, Phillips PAC, "The Political Action Committee of Phillips International Inc.
The Chamber's Political Action Committee (PAC) is hard at work addressing issues of critical importance to the business community and helping to boost the business climate in Southeast Michigan and throughout the state.