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Synonyms for politic

Synonyms for politic

showing sensitivity and skill in dealing with others

Synonyms for politic

marked by artful prudence, expedience, and shrewdness


smoothly agreeable and courteous with a degree of sophistication

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Limbajul politic are drept destinatar intreaga populatie, ori, functie de optiunile strategice implicite, numai un segment al unei entitati comunitare asumand drept scop operational informarea ori comunicarea unor idei si intentii si, astfel, ca subsecventa subsidiara, provocarea de emotii, de consens emotiv si persuasiv.
Rejecting both Cartesian dualism and (Hobbesian) materialist determinism, autonomous systems theory, as applied to the notion of bodies politic, can be summarized by the following:
In the end, what matters more than politics, the economy or our wealth is who we are.
The "Body Politic, Liberal experience" will offer the opportunity "to change and reform the body's constitution with a free-flowing, exotic Balinese massage," says Baker.
To hopeless nails like you or me, these perfidious Latinos may appear as harmless neighbors and coworkers, but the H-man has seen them for what they really are: a cancer on the American body politic.
IT'Sdefinitely good news to learn that a billionaire and influencial politic an such as Thaksin is interested in LFC and willing to invest such high stake.
The final chapter makes the odd case that Cleopatra's suicide reveals her ability as a politic dissembler to frustrate Caesar (204), but it also suggests a strong connection between the Antony whose rhetoric appeals to the mob and the figure of Mars who revels in Egypt.
Coming months will reveal whether the court believes free speech does a body politic good.
Those worthies who sanctioned this abomination should be excised from the body politic and onfined, along with their Indian counterparts ho authorized the mushroom farm, to a special circle of hell -- oblivion.
One HR manager said that bosses making layoff decisions go first for the loners because getting rid of them does no damage to the body politic.
Begun in earnest only a few years ago, this heavily funded, media-driven campaign seeks to undermine existing African American political structures by creating the appearance of deep class and age divisions within the black body politic.
It's politic to reassure 35-year-olds how great they look--or still look.
The relationship between a player and a linesman is rather like that between a spoilt rich child and a poor visitor to the household who feels it is politic to indulge the brat's tantrums.
Still, Silverman's explanation for the transformation in the understanding of pain (fro m meaningful and even salutary to senseless and probably destructive) and its repercussions on the body politic as well as on the body physical has the distinct advantage of removing torture from an absolute category of "barbaric" and relocating it in a broader historical context.
We pledge to unmedicalize every menopausal symptom and make it work for the body politic.