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And he bemoaned the puritanical instincts behind the protesters' cause, writing: "With all the prim politesse that Victorian hostesses used when covering suggestively bare furniture legs with chaste little pelmets, "No More Page 3" has secured its joyless goals .
130-141) comes from Fr Brian Harrison, examining with unruffled politesse the claims of Eastern Orthodoxy, and fundamentally rejecting them.
While that politesse may reflect confidence that there is nothing unfair about the way it has been negotiating carriage deals for the Dodgers, the cabler has every reason to appear friendly: The FCC is reviewing the proposed acquisition of TW Cable by Comcast, and the baseball standoff may well add to the scrutiny the agency pays to the wider transaction.
She [Claude] would have responded to Katherine instinctively with all the politesse at her command as a noblewoman of the age' (pp.
Now the 'chappan ki chhti' might well deflate to its original size and if there is one thing the people might realise at these elections is that India perhaps has no use for the politesse of gentlemen like Manmohan Singh, P Chidambaram or even Rahul Gandhi on the political firmament.
As 48- year- old Trierweiler entered the room at the Oberoi in Mumbai, the applause was spontaneous and it was more than clear that it was not courtesy or a show of la politesse .
We have brought to power many of our adversaries, who must watch in astonishment as President Obama spews vituperation upon his American political opponents (literally screaming, like no president in living memory, or perhaps ever) while exercising inexhaustible patience and politesse with murderous anti-American tyrants.
Business as usual at the Academy has become a euphemism for censorship and dubious politesse as usual.
A moins d'un triple sur terre (Barcelone, Madrid puis Rome) et d'une defaillance de David Ferrer, l'Espagnol ne devrait pas en effet griller la politesse a son compatriote au classement ATP.
The last part considers the need for universal ways to register Anyone and their "personal truth" in order to construct a cosmopolitan ethos of what Rapport calls politesse.
It was pure Canadian curtesie, to use the old English word, politesse to use the French .
Politesse is out of champion juvenile filly Embassy, herself a daughter of another champion two-year-old filly
For Canadian writer Steve Weiner, love in the time of Thatcher is appropriately desperate and disjointed, a white-noise whir of stochastic event without the politesse of logic.
A second point of view is that "old-fashioned," or "Jim Crow," racism has died, only to be replaced by an insidious racial politesse.
In an age of conservative betrayals excused by politesse, there is something inspiring about Christie's refusal to play nice and his resolve to govern rather than cave in to the low ambitions of national office.