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in a polite manner

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So they politely bade him good day, and went back to the outer cavern to resume their journey.
Flies like to be treated politely as well as other creatures, and here in Oz they understand what we say to them, and behave very nicely.
Dorothy also had a pretty suite of rooms which she always occupied when in the Emerald City; but several servants walked ahead politely to show the way, although she was quite sure she could find the rooms herself.
Suppose you all return with me to my kingdom -- or Empire, rather," said the Tin Woodman, politely including the entire party in a royal wave of his arm.
She politely asks questions and never indulges in too much controversy.
He said judges and lawyers must deal politely with the clients seeking justice from the courts.
An uninvited guest at a wedding banquet in Taoyuan hurled a glass of juice towards a restaurant staff member after being politely asked to leave.
Oh, and if your spoon falls off the table just politely smile and say: 'I wonder if a girl is coming'.
However, the Walton pensioner said when he asked the man - described as in his late 40s - to politely pick up the mess, he attacked him with his metal dog lead, whipping him across his body, head and arms.
Summary: New Delhi [India], June 30 (ANI): JK Rowling has once again politely thrashed President Donald Trump on social media.
But the host said he politely turned down the gift from the X Factor chief.
But, none of it worked and I tried politely explaining how we had vegetarian food in the earlier leg of our journey.
He politely requested a further work experience stint and as he didn't know anyone in London, have anywhere to stay or have the money to pay for accommodation, he even more politely, requested whether he could stay with her
But when the pensioner tried to gain entry at the Bullring, close to the iconic bull statue, he was met with Bah Humbug and politely told by two security guards he couldn't come in.
Gemma said she'd never met the Sheikh and politely declined his generous request to "buy" her, probably crushing all his hopes and dreams, and leaving him wondering where else to spend his fortune