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Synonyms for polite

Synonyms for polite

full of polite concern for the well-being of others

characterized by good manners

Synonyms for polite

showing regard for others in manners, speech, behavior, etc


marked by refinement in taste and manners

not rude


References in classic literature ?
Has it never struck you, Amy, that Pa is monstrously polite to Mrs General.
Mr Dorrit was undeniably very polite to her and had a high opinion of her; but Fanny, impetuous at most times, might easily be wrong for all that.
But it had an influence in placing obstacles in the way of her association with Mrs Gowan by making the Prunes and Prism school excessively polite to her, but not very intimate with her; and Little Dorrit, as an enforced sizar of that college, was obliged to submit herself humbly to its ordinances.
She answered nothing for an instant, and then, as he remained silent, she said with a smile, "It would be polite for Lord Deepmere to say it was very interesting.
The first thing in the morning I sent a polite note to Gentleman Jones, informing him that I had abandoned all idea of exhibiting his likeness to the public in my series of prints, and giving him full permission to inspect every design I made before it went out of the prison.
Answering for the child, and wondering what Henry's object could possibly be, Agnes mentioned the polite sacrifice made to her convenience by Mrs.
Major Fitz-David, in his polite way, could be as obstinate as I was.
Pitt took after the noble Binkies, from whom he was descended, and was a very polite and proper gentleman.
His face betrayed no more than a natural and polite interest.
She was polite, obliging, cheerful, hopeful; but, the more polite, the more obliging, the more cheerful, the more hopeful, the more exemplary altogether, she; the forlorner Sacrifice and Victim, he.
If I had been astonished at first catching a glimpse of so outlandish an individual as Queequeg circulating among the polite society of a civilized town, that astonishment soon departed upon taking my first daylight stroll through the streets of New Bedford.
The reader will here find no regions cursed with irremediable barrenness, or blessed with spontaneous fecundity, no perpetual gloom or unceasing sunshine; nor are the nations here described either devoid of all sense of humanity, or consummate in all private and social virtues; here are no Hottentots without religion, polity, or articulate language, no Chinese perfectly polite, and completely skilled in all sciences: he will discover, what will always be discovered by a diligent and impartial inquirer, that wherever human nature is to be found there is a mixture of vice and virtue, a contest of passion and reason, and that the Creator doth not appear partial in his distributions, but has balanced in most countries their particular inconveniences by particular favours.
A HOLYWELl man described as very polite and "a star" in custody, has been jailed after he drove while disqualified on two occasions and assaulted a police officer.
Ayaz Sadiq lauded the Motorway Police officers for their polite behaviour and implementation of the traffic rules equally on all travellers irrespective of their status.
com)-- After sitting for 4 years as a scene in an unreleased project, filmmaker Tia Cherie Polite, along with fellow producer Kevin W Jones, have re-engineered the scene and turned it into the newly released film, "The Interrogation," produced by Black Rose Dagger Films.