polish off

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Synonyms for polish off

kill intentionally and with premeditation

finish eating all the food on one's plate or on the table

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New to the market is Elliona Gel Off, a thick acetone gel that sits on top of the varnish and gets to work in two minutes and doesn't require foils, so you can scrape polish off once it's lifted.
Such shows want to polish off anything that is original.
Kemar Roach bowled Steyn off his pads for four as the hosts looked to polish off the South African tail quickly.
CRICKET: Australia cruised to a 10-wicket victory in the first Test against New Zealand in Wellington today, taking 23 overs to polish off the 106 runs required at the Basin Reserve.
The Proteas needed just 20 overs before lunch to polish off India, who made their second-lowest total on home soil after electing to bat.
Earlier, Tim Groenewald (five for 57) and Calum MacLeod (three for 56) combined to polish off the Notts first innings for 230.
Nail polish off, PATH jacket on, he's ready to leave behind
Just polish off the beef and the 30 gallons of mayo while enjoying BG on your HDTV, and you'll be a few (non)steps closer to using that coffin.
For a start, many families can't polish off an entire large watermelon before it spoils, gets boring, or crowds out everything else in the fridge.
Raised 7lb in the ratings since latest win at Nottingham, but had something to spare there and fancied to polish off hat-trick.
The former King's crew mates were picked for the 151st Blue Boat clash on March 27 after helping the Light Blues polish off a crew of Polish internationals on the Thames.
Olympic rower Tom James put a shine on his selection for the 151st Boat Race by helping Cambridge polish off a Polish international 8 in a River Thames dress rehearsal.
You were psyched to polish off all those totally intense term papers before holiday break.
The annual Winter Fantasy in Laguna Beach offers the perfect opportunity to polish off some gift shopping while catching up with the latest in painting, photography, ceramics and other arts and crafts.
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