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loss of color from the hair

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Presentamos el caso de una mujer procedente del norte del pais, de 24 anos de edad, con antecedente de cirugia refractiva por excimer laser en ojo derecho por miopia alta de 10DP Sufria de enfermedad de Vogt Koyanagi Harada de 4 anos de evolucion, con otalgia e hipoacusia asociada a desprendimiento de retina seroso bilateral, poliosis (figura 1) y vitiligo, siendo catalogada como sindrome de VKH.
Al examen fisico se encontro poliosis de la zona media central (mechon de pelo blanco frontal con hipopigmentacion bilateral de la region medial de los supercilios, sin comprometer las pestanas).
Extra oral examination revealed poliosis in left temporal region (Figure 4).
Poliosis is the term given to signify a localized patch of white hair.
Apibal Y, Reakatanan W, Chunharas A: Poliosis as the first clue of tuberous sclerosis.
Lett KS, Deane JS: Eyelash poliosis in association with sarcoidosis.
Dermatologists may readily recognize the light hair characteristic of albinism or poliosis (often, a white forelock) that may be an isolated genetic feature or may be associated with deafness, as in Waardenburg's syndrome.
A DEPIGMENTATION of the eyelashes is called poliosis and is sometimes associated with a skin condition called vitiligo.
Palabras clave: piebaldismo, leucodermia, poliosis, mechon de pelo blanco.
Key words: piebaldism, leukoderma, poliosis, white forelock.
When the scalp is involved an area of poliosis can result.
Patient had poliosis of eyelashes her legs and hands were very slender and spindle shaped with loss of subcutaneous fat, the skin was taut stretched tightly over the bone with sclerodermatous skin changes.
Lid margin inlammation disrupts the anatomy of the eyelid and might lead to misdirection of lashes, especially in chronic cases (trichiasis --Figure 5), loss of lashes (madarosis) and poliosis (loss of lash pigmentation).