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an acute viral disease marked by inflammation of nerve cells of the brain stem and spinal cord

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Through this new equipment, the Regional Reference Laboratory will improve the speed of the results reported from the stool samples that it receives, of people suffering from acute flaccid paralysis, in addition to samples taken from the sewage in areas identified as being at risk of polio.
Yasuhiro Tojo, Chief Representative, JICA Pakistan office said: 'JICA is supporting polio program and routine immunization since 1996 and 2001 respectively'.
The grant will be provided for modernising the NIH Polio Regional Reference Laboratory.
World Health Organization (WHO) in its report has confirmed the polio virus in sewerage water of 10 Union Councils of Rawalpindi including areas of Dhoke Dilal and Safdarabad adjacent to various sectors of Islamabad.
Attacks on polio teams became more frequent after the US conducted raid on Osama bin Laden that led to his death.
On this occasion, Commissioner said that all-out efforts have been taken to ensure elimination of polio from Karachi.
4 million children were supposed to be administered the polio vaccine in the polio immunisation drive that was being conducted in Balochistan this week.
Addressing to the anti-polio teams of Hassanabdal at tehsil headquarters hospital, Dr Rahul informed the anti-polio staff that even though Punjab had achieved National Emergency Action Plan for Polio Eradication (NEAP) targets of LQAS, the campaign quality still needs improvement.
Emergency Operation Center (EOC) Coordinator FATA Muhammad Zubair Khan advised EOC FATA Team to focus on both polio high risk settlements as well as high risk mobile population to ensure vaccination of all under five years' old children in FATA.
Urging parents to administer their children with anti-polio drops, Mir Abdul Qudoos Bizinjo said, we have to save our future generations from life time disability, which is for we all have to play our role in war against Polio.
Despite ongoing mass vaccination programmes aiming to end polio once and for all, this news tells those of us working in the field what we already know - that ending polio will not be easy given how the virus can take hold if vaccination rates are low due to lack of supply, or in this case, war.
Reports show that the cases of polio in Afghanistan dropped from 80 in 2011 to 37 in 2012.
NOW the election is over, I would like to comment on polio claims in the leaflets of Ciaran Norris, the Independent candidate for Coventry North West.
Identifying a positive polio case in Kunduz province, the authorities of the Polio Eradication Program put earnest efforts to regain access for implementation of the polio vaccination campaign in areas which have been left out due to lack of security.
Objective: To examine the knowledge and perception among religious leaders regarding polio vaccine approval.