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a person who holds an insurance policy

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The CEA board voted to make the grant available to roughly 30,000 CEA policyholders as part of CEA's existing Brace + Bolt program.
On the other hand, the policyholder noted that the IRS has stated that "for federal tax purposes, virtual currency is to be treated as property."
Policyholders should do everything they can to submit any remaining requests for payment as soon as possible, said NFIP chief executive David Maurstad.
However, the report, titled, "Takaful Trends; Breaking the Reliance on the Qard' Hasan," states the continued dependence on this interest-free loan, which is provided by the shareholders to cover any deficit in the policyholders' fund, does not provide enough incentive to operators to manage their companies in the best interest of policyholders and shareholders.
The bonus distribution will benefit ~15 lacs participating policyholders of Max Life Insurance.
unit say 55% of the unit's long-term care insurance policyholders chose compound inflation protection, and just 1.9% chose simple inflation protection.
Generally, an insurer's subrogation rights are limited to recovering no more than what it paid to its policyholder. However, there is a disagreement among jurisdictions as to whether the insurer can recover in subrogation before the policyholder is "made whole."
The company has generated a self-sustaining policyholders' fund, with QAR 132 million ($30 million) in retained surplus at the end of the third quarter of 2015, adequately supporting the risks assumed by policyholders.
LTCI issuers have reported having a great deal of trouble with low interest rates in recent years, and also a great deal of trouble with accurately predicting how likely policyholders would be to keep or drop policies.
When a company purchases cancelable insurance, the insurance company sets the credit limits for each of the policyholder's accounts based on the insurer's rating of the account's credit risk.
State regulators also ordered Bankers Life to hire an industry professional - who must be approved by the state - to review about 26,000 claims involving 2,069 policyholders that were filed from Jan.
The Case of the Prototypical Noncooperative Policyholder
In addition to the executive roles at the carrier, which have brought Russ closer to policyholders than he was in his internal IT and PMO roles, he noted that he also belongs to three outside organizations that are Church Mutual policyholders.
15 for policyholders to respond to its offers under the Superstorm Sandy flood insurance claims-review process.
The majority of these proceedings pertained to the failure of the insurance companies to meet the sound and prudent criteria under Insurance Companies (Sound and Prudent Management) Regulation 2012, failure to settle policyholders' complaints and non-compliance with provisions regarding reinsurance.