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concerned with policy, not administration

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To guarantee efficient policy-making and decisions based on evidence and empirics, 'that should be the perfect set up of the NFA council,' she said.
So may limitation kami, hanggang policy-making s'ya.
A questionnaire was administered to participants, which was designed to assess participants' knowledge, capacity and organizational process of generation, synthesis and utilization of research evidence in policy-making regarding MNCH.
The first chapter on intergovernmentalism expands the usual survey of the federal-provincial division of powers to include discussion of First Nations and cities as important actors in the intergovernmental policy-making context.
Analysts feel that the move would make monetary policy-making less transparent.
Summary: The Dubai Economic Council, or DEC, recently conducted a visit to the United States, as part of its vision of being a strategic partner to the Government of Dubai in economic policy-making.
Under a democratic climate, effective school advocates, policy of school-based management, formalization of parents' role in school councils by law, and the participation for parents in local school policy-making have been developed and encouraged by government and thus, there is a growing demand for parental participation in educational policy-making (Deem, 1994; Raty, Kasanen, & Laine, 2009).
SIR - Your report on the First Minister's announcement of the creation of a Welsh Public Policy Institute highlighted the importance of top-quality thinking to inform Government policy ("Carwyn hopes new think-tank will give policy-making a boost", February 9).
One of the more prominent issues to emerge from the recent economic crisis has been a concern about the method and quality of policy-making in Ireland.
Slocombe, and Philip Zelikow, provide their insiders' perspectives on policy-making processes and pressures, while the academic contributors provide a more critical view.
The aim of the component is to enhance policy-making mechanism and support basic structures for participation of civil society, government, institutional capacity building for ten private organizations.
Summary: TEHRAN (FNA)- Fars News Agency Managing Director Hamid Reza Moqaddamfar on Monday stressed the importance of policy-making and investment in media for strengthening the country's power in soft warfare.
For advanced practice nurses and students, this guide addresses health policy and politics, covering the entire policy-making process, including agenda setting, government response, and program design, implementation, and evaluation, with a focus on the federal and state levels.
Education ministers are to discuss how to make better use of research in the development of policy-making, at their next Council meeting in May.
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