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someone who sets the plan pursued by a government or business etc.

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And Bago, who, as last year's Arc form clearly established, is much better than both Grey Swallow and Policy Maker.
As a policy maker, you deal with these broad issues.
The prices reflect the absence of real competition for Policy Maker in the Foy.
by Bloomberg News Whether ECB policy makers would show tolerance for any overshoot at all remains, for now, an open question.
Yet researchers and policy makers largely remain "travelers in parallel universes" (Brownson, Royer et al.
The farmer [right arrow] scientist [right arrow] policy maker [right arrow] consumer [right arrow] donor linkage is critical while the involvement of the media and the private sector in these debates is increasingly viewed as vital.
The Khalid Abdullah-owned winner, who beat Mosaic by a length with Policy Maker the same distance back in third, is trained by AndrA Fabre, who has been dominant in the best races in France so far this spring.
In addition, it should be observed that the book contains specific suggestions for the Community policy maker and, indirectly, for national administrations in the EU.
Over a decade after the initial investment in the Cash and Counseling Demonstration and Evaluation, a growing body of evidence is emerging to support the value of this approach to many consumers, workers, families, and policy makers.
In most countries, policy makers clearly regard career guidance services as being of value not only to the individuals who engage with them but to society as a whole.
Policy makers have determined that the Great Lakes are suffering from good, but very disorganized, intentions and a shortfall in funding.
The extent to which globalization creates new opportunities for world citizens or constrains already existing relationships between them has been of central importance to social scientists and policy makers.
Both historians and policy makers must understand the culture if they wish to make sense of the consumption.
WASHINGTON -- By spending extra time making health research information useful for policy makers, researchers can increase the likelihood of better policy and more funding, Richard Sorian said at an international conference sponsored by the Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality and AcademyHealth.