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You could blast out The Hills Are Alive With The Sound Of Music as the distant sound of police car sirens get closer swiftly followed by a rendition of The Lonely Goatherd as the animals are herded out of the stadium into the waiting police wagon, then So Long, Farewell as they are driven off to the cells.
They include: A man in a green coat spotted throwing missiles at police in Sloper Road and Leckwith Road after the game; A man in a grey cap who clashed with officers at the bridge by Leckwith Road; A man in a red hoodie throwing missiles on Leckwith Road; A man with short hair and white t-shirt who kicked a police wagon on Cowbridge Road East out-sidthe Goscombe pub; A man in a white hoodie who threw missiles at officers on Sloper Road and Leckwith Road.
On Monday afternoon at the end of a National Reform and Development Commission press event, a woman flashed a paper alleging corruption before being taken away by a police wagon.
Black Maria, a slang term for a police wagon or hearse, draws on the images and lexicon of detective movies.
The arresting officer noticed the handcuff maneuver, advised the offender to stop, and continued to directly observe him until the police wagon arrived.
On this brisk January afternoon, Officer Baumann's primary assignment is to monitor a sting operation, in which drug dealers are scooped up by a police wagon and replaced with undercover officers.
Strathclyde Police yesterday confirmed that a police wagon had been stolen from Queen Street last week.
He knocked a couple of his attackers to the ground but was then rescued by a Muslim religious leader, who forced the mob back and guided him to a police wagon.
The mullah forced the mob back and led him to a police wagon.
Others gave patches, a magnet and a police wagon bank.
After Harris allegedly became uncontrollably upset and uncooperative, she was arrested and placed in a police wagon.
Hefzy and French producer-distributor Eric Lagesse, whose Pyramide is co-producing--and will be pre-selling the film in the Cannes market--both see the Charlie Hebdo attacks as adding urgency to movie, set inside a police wagon in Cairo packed with both pro- and anti-Muslim Brotherhood demonstrators.
That horse-drawn police wagon put on 138 miles in 1888, but that was nowhere near the mileage that the modern police force would put on the vehicles pictured here in 1953.
Customers in Starbucks in West Nile Street thought they were witnessing a major incident when a police wagon drew up outside the coffee shop and parked on double yellow lines, and a team of officers emerged on Tuesday night.