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The unidentified men killed a police sergeant on duty.
When the police sergeant tried to take down the man's statement, the Briton pretended that he did not know English language.
President Sirisena while offering his deepest condolences to the family of Police sergeant Sarath Premachandra said that he is a great example to the entire Public service and the Police Department who has performed his duty with due diligence.
Upon searching the clerk's car, the police sergeant found liquor bottles in the trunk.
Meanwhile, the 47-year-old immigration department police sergeant is already in remand until Friday.
A police sergeant testified that he received a tip-off that the first suspect was dealing with drugs, and a police source posed as a buyer and met him at a gas station near Tasjeel Village between Ajman and Sharjah.
AN alleged drink driver told a police sergeant that he had a sh**load to drink, it was claimed in court.
The vendor/consultant will schedule a meeting(s) with the Chief of Police or designee(s) to review the duties performed by a Police Sergeant prior to creating the written test.
A spokeswoman said: "The IPCC found a police constable and police sergeant had a case to answer for gross misconduct; a police inspector had a case to answer for misconduct; and a police sergeant and a detention officer had no case to answer for misconduct.
A POLICE sergeant accused of sexual activity with a prostitute while on duty is to stand trial next year.
Meanwhile, Jack was getting beaten to a pulp in a sidebar to last night's crime which involved an incinerated policeman, a child's lunchbox full of heroin, a dodgy Essex nightclub and the actor formerly known as EastEnders' Martin Fowler (James Alexandrou) as a police sergeant humiliated by his wife's affair.
LEICESTER -- Selectmen have approved a three-year contract with the town's police sergeant union, marking the fifth and final three-year settlement reached with bargaining units this year.
They were joined by police sergeant, Mandy Mellor, community neighbourhood coordinator, Jenny Foster and Street Scene action team ranger, Diane Clifford and Child and family wellbeing team members, Karen Fox and Rachel Topham.
New York, Sept 18 ( ANI ): A former SWAT officer has claimed that a Beverly Hills police sergeant had made 'inappropriate' comments at Whitney Houston's naked body after she was found dead.
A Florida police sergeant fought back Saturday against a police investigation that led to his firing Friday for bringing cutouts resembling black teenage shooting victim Trayvon Martin to target practice.