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Sultan Raja has directed the District Police Officers (DPOs) and Superintendents
The RPO directed the police officers particularly of Chakwal and Attock districts to accelerate raids to enhance recovery of stolen goods.
The inquiry officer also recommended strict departmental action against the four police officers, he said.
The man turned out to be Police Officer Vergel Rivera assigned at Davao PNP.
MPs yesterday debated the safety of police officers.
Families notified the security forces about the presence of a suspicious item on the road between the Police Officers Club and the Administrative Control Authority building in Damietta.
Official statistics of Central Police Office (CPO) revealed that KP police has been facing shortfall of 54 police officers in BPS 18, KP police have 73 posts of BS 18 police officers but only 19 officers are performing their duties in KP police.
Thank you for giving Worcester such a professional police officer, and please thank him for all of us.
Police officers later attended the house to make further inquiries.
Members of the communist rebels killed five police officers in northern Luzon on Sunday, authorities revealed in a report yesterday.
Loss of 22 police officer posts and 15 police staff posts Saving - pounds 1,108,790.
Seeing his friend being handcuffed, the 32-year-old also attacked a police officer, throwing him to the ground.
The very thought that a retired Burbank police officer would even consider asking for leniency for a man convicted of providing guns for the Vineland Boys is appalling and showed a serious lack of judgment and common sense," Detective Ron Cervanka told airport commissioners during a meeting this week.
The next time you are stopped by a police officer you may want to beware.
Brosseau provides one example of a use of force by a police officer that, while constitutionally questionable, was certainly in the "sometimes hazy border between excessive and acceptable force," and, therefore, the officer was entitled to qualified immunity.
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