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District Police Office Wahid Mehmood said that as soon as the FIR was lodged at Mingora police station and he constituted a police investigation team headed by DSP city Habibullah who successfully identified and arrested the accused put them behind the bars within 48 hours.
So we have to allow the police investigation to run its course.
According to the police investigation, the accused belongs to Manzarpur and has no political background.
The provincial police had acknowledged weaknesses and shortcomings in police investigations.
Speaking to rally Mr Pervaiz Ahmed Chandio said that it was failure of police investigation team that they had not arrested his grandfather UC Chairman Karamullah, his uncle Mukhtiar and his father Qabil because accused are more powerful then police and police would not reach to arrest them.
The trial judge is not going to be swayed by political sentiments instead he will rely on hard evidence submitted and gathered through a proper police investigation and not from a commission's findings.
The death had initially been considered a natural one, but police investigation had revealed that it had been a murder.
Police investigation revealed that the four suspects, who had a criminal record, were deported from the country after serving jail terms previously but they re-entered the country illegally.
News that the police investigation is over could provide a valuable boost to campaigners working to get Coventry Bees on track after losing their home forced them to drop out of this league season.
Jose Villarta, Mandaluyong police investigation unit head, Saturnino died at 3:21 a.
A police investigation is ongoing to find a third suspect.
A notice has been put up at the Indian temple informing members of the congregation about the police investigation.
Mardan -- Widow of a person who was killed two months back, demanded of authorities concerned to carry out postmortem of the victim again as what they alleged that the police investigation and medical officers were performing a partial role in investigation of the case.
A South Wales Police spokesman said: "A police investigation into the circumstances surrounding the incident continues.
COMEDIAN Freddie Starr has revealed the police investigation into historical sex abuse allegations has left him on the brink of suicide.
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