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Athelney Jones, the well-known member of the detective police force, happened to be at the Norwood Police Station, and was on the ground within half an hour of the first alarm.
Superintendent Seegrave, of your local police force, and two of his men.
There were a few colonies of them still here, enough to run all the unions and the police force and get all the graft; but most of those who were working in the packing houses had gone away at the next drop in wages--after the big strike.
After three or four months of the scorching hot weather had gone by, my friend Strickland, of the police force, saw fit to rent the bungalow from the native landlord.
An efficient police force will be on hand to preserve order and keep the wild beasts from leaping the railings and discommoding the audience.
A curt negative was the policeman's reply to that; and if ever I take part in a night assault-at-arms, revolver versus baton, in the back kitchen, I know which member of the Metropolitan Police Force I should like for my opponent.
PESHAWAR -- District Police Officer (DPO), Zahoor Afridi has said reward and punishment system was introduced in police force to ensure good policing in the province.
The data also show that the interest of the women in working with the police force has been increasing day by day as their number surged to 11,676 in March this year from only 2520 in 2008.
Addressing a passing out parade of political cadets in Karachi, he said officials of the police force were not personal employees of anyone, stressing on cadets to resist bribes and the temptation of money.
Earlier, Balochistan Inspector General of Police Muzzam Jha Ansari had demanded of the chief minister for setting up a Police Darbar so that issues like upgradation of the police force and establishment of a residential colony for their families could be resolved.
ISLAMABAD -- Dispelling the impression of inefficiency and lacklustre performance on part of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Police Chief Minister Pervez Khattak said that making a negative opinion on a few unresolved cases was not justified as the provincial police were performing far better than the police force of other provinces.
Addressing the police force, IGP Temuri said the police should be service-oriented, people friendly, professional and corruption free.
The governor has pointed out in a meeting that discussed arrangement for the establishment of the Federal Reserve Police Force in the state, that his government fully supports such a move and would provide all possible assistance to this end.
The rank and file working for the Cleveland Police force do an excellent job on the ever decreasing thin blue line.
CAIRO, Aug 10 (KUNA) -- Police force has raided a "terrorists'" hideout in Qena Governorate, Upper Egypt, killing three of the gunmen who shot dead an officer during the operation A statement by the Egyptian Interior Ministry on Thursday said the "terrorists" had been involved in a number of attacks in Egypt, including church bombings and operations aimed against the army and police forces.
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