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Athelney Jones, the well-known member of the detective police force, happened to be at the Norwood Police Station, and was on the ground within half an hour of the first alarm.
A curt negative was the policeman's reply to that; and if ever I take part in a night assault-at-arms, revolver versus baton, in the back kitchen, I know which member of the Metropolitan Police Force I should like for my opponent.
A lawmaker is seeking the establishment of a National Junior Police Force in every local government unit to assist regular law enforcers, local officials and school administrators in the implementation of laws and ordinances.
MIRPUR -- Security has been beefed up across Azad Jammu and Kashmir including Mirpur with the deployment of extra police force at various busiest and sensitive sites in the city and other parts of the area to avert any threat, sources said.
MARDAN -- Chief Minister of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Pervazd Khan Khattak has said that the Pakistan Tehrik-i-Insaf-led provincial government has been taking measures to make police force of the province as one of the best force of the world.
Omer Mohamed Ali, the police force deputy general director , and general commissioner, the chairman of the higher committee for the security of the elections, Gen.
Noting the changes made in criminal laws following the recommendations of the Justice ( retd) Verma committee, the government said in a statement that a skewed police force is a major practical barrier in effective implementation of legislations intended for the protection of women.
Baquba / Nina / A police force liberated a kidnapped man and arrested one of his captors in Baquba, Diyala province.
KPK and Punjab provinces acknowledging the sacrifices of police force, increased the salaries of police in recent past.
The GCC plans to set up a joint police force to tackle organized crime syndicates, terrorist groups, drug smugglers and human traffickers.
ySTANBUL (CyHAN)- The government, which lost all fear of facing a military coup after its success in the 2010 referendum and 2011 general elections, has removed more than 50,000 police chiefs and officers and detained many other police officials since last December, a move equivalent to staging a coup against the police force in order to mould it politically, experts have said.
A trustworthy police force must rank alongside the NHS as one of our greatest sources of national pride, but people increasingly ask whether present structures are fit for purpose.
If you draw together your resources you can create a more effective police force with more money to spend on frontline staff.
The conference centered on the introduction of the Military Police Force 2020 Strategic Plan (STRATPLAN) (1)--a document resulting from a cooperative effort among senior military police leaders from the U.
PUBLIC confidence in the police force has been shaken by the Hillsborough inquiry and the "Plebgate" affair, a senior MP said yesterday.
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