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any dog trained to assist police especially in tracking

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Deeming it as an unprecedented incident, Killary said he never came across a situation where a man tried to bite a police dog.
West Midlands Police's police dog operation is based just outside Coventry in Balsall Common and the force has a team of over 200 dog walkers who give up their time to help care for police dogs in the early stages of their lives.
Last October the police and crime commissioners and chief constables of the three forces decided on a three-way merger to give each force access to a larger pool of police dogs.
Barking filled the air at Silke Field as 14 police dogs lined up to compete in the 21st annual Springfield Police Department K-9 competition on Saturday afternoon.
And this weekend they will be working hard as usual when their pooch peers, fearless Belgian Shepherds PD Mike and PD Finn, are showing off their skills at the 56th National Police Dog Trials in Belfast.
Vader was donated to the force at two months old and has been preparing for life as a police dog for the last nine months.
In what was described as a small step for a dog but a giant leap for dogkind, police dogs Kes and Kiro took a seven-minute lift ride to the top of the iconic landmark.
The 47-year-old man was sniffed out by police dog Eco in the garden of a house in Aldridge Road, Streetly, He had been spotted by a CCTV monitoring firm acting suspiciously near business premises at about 2am on Wednesday morning and police were called to investigate.
He was taken in by Cefni GSD Rescue, in Sheffield, who realised he had the drive and alertness to become a police dog.
In law, an attack on a police dog is treated as 'criminal damage' - the same as kicking a car.
Amazingly anyone attacking or even killing a police dog can only face a charge of criminal damage - unlike in many US states where assaults on police dogs are treated the same as those on officers.
As a veterinary surgeon to what used to be called Strathclyde Police Dog Branch, we encounter these fearsome characters on a daily basis.
FAMILIES and dog lovers descended on the first day of this year's National Police Dog Trials yesterday.
Summary: Police dog teams are working as security guards at Beijing Capital International Airport.
POLICE made a public appeal yesterday - after a 14-month-old puppy in training to become a police dog ran off while being exercised.