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Former police detective Jeffrey Davies denies raping two women
Los Angeles police Detective Orlando Martinez said that the debts may have led Murray to act inappropriately in his care of Michael in order to ensure that he received 150,000-dollar-a month-payments from AEG Live LLC to serve as the singer's tour doctor.
Her partner, Peter Foster, a former police detective, is under arrest on suspicion of murder.
And although it's sometimes hard to be convinced by Kelly as a cop,no matter how many times she frowns intelligently and tries to look serious, few actresses let alone police detectives look this good in a black skirt that is just a little too tight and a good deal too short for active duty.
Police detective Aharon Yair, when questioned by defense attorney Naftali Wurtzburger, admitted to a Jerusalem magistrate's court that special police forces, dressed in civilian clothing and police hats, waited with local Palestinian Authority Bedouins in ambush for the hikers to arrive in the area as part of a four-day journey.
For reasons not disclosed in the record, the government relied exclusively on the testimony of the interviewing FBI agent and did not use other evidence, such as the testimony of an Alexandria Police Detective (who had been present for the entire interview) or a written statement of Dickerson that clearly demonstrated that he had received his Miranda warnings prior to confessing.
A Portland police detective completed one of the sketches after speaking with a victim of one of the Eugene hold-ups, and a Eugene police detective drew the other sketch.
South Wales Police Detective Constable Jeffery Davies, 41, of Church Street, Pontsticill, Merthyr, based at Merthyr Tydfil Police Station, is pleading not guilty to all charges.
ARLETA -- The off-duty Los Angeles police detective who returned fire after being shot at following a traffic incident Monday has been identified.
He is the son of a retired Trenton police detective and a member of Local 68 of the Trenton Ironworkers Union.
The court held that a police detective, police sergeant, commissioner of corrections, and county were entitled to qualified immunity.
A Springfield man faces federal charges after he allegedly had 2 1/2 pounds of heroin delivered to Lane County last week, intending to sell it to a buyer who was actually an under cover police detective.
They are the family of Los Angeles police Detective Tom C.
Across the street, off-duty Salt Lake City Police Detective Ken Sanders was feeding her 11-month-old son and chatting with her mother on the front porch of her home when she noticed smoke pouring from the duplex.