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a court that has power to prosecute for minor offenses and to bind over for trial in a superior court anyone accused of serious offenses

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The year was 1929 and the police court appearance took place October 2, just a couple of weeks before the stock market crashed.
Beverly Miese, a deputy clerk at Putnam Common Police Court, told the Scottish Press Association: "I can confirm that the hearing has been postponed because Mr Richey was transferred to the hospital early this morning.
Yesterday, he tried to hide his face in shame behind a baseball cap as he was led handcuffed into the Brussels police court.
His study of one Southwest London police court provides us with a fascinating description of how the working classes used it to adjudicate their marital relations during a period when they had no recourse to divorce law.
Although the charges were dismissed because of technicalities by the Police Court of Paris, the stores clearly violated the law and barely escaped punitive damages.
Stories from the ECHO during the war years TWO girls named Lily Hughes and Rachel Swagelsky were charged at the Liverpool police court today with loitering near the American Military Camp which is situated on the outskirts of the city for the purpose of talking to men, in contravention of the provisions of D.
Contract notice: Service vehicles driving incident police court of barcelona.
1897: Marlborough Street Police Court in London fined taxi driver George Smith pounds 1 making him the first person in Britain to be convicted for drink-driving.
Originally, the municipal offices fronted the High Street while a police court and fire station faced Lawson Street.
Yesterday, at the Brierley Hill Police Court, before Colonel J W Higgs- Walker and Mr A Shaw, Joseph Jones, aged 60, an ironworks stocktaker, of Victoria Road, Quarry Bank, was charged with the wilful murder of his son-in-law, Edmunde Clarke, aged 26, haulier and master chainmaker, of the same address.
Thieves will be expected to pay compensation irrespective of any police court case
27) Clashes between rival gangs attracted many lurid headlines in the local press, but the police court news columns also contained frequent reports of attacks by gangs upon individuals.
The Priest (a commanding performance by Herm Detering) is so discouraged by ``the savagery of men toward one another,'' as revealed by the proceedings at the police court that he is set to give up his vocation.
REMARKABLE statements were made at the Liverpool City Police Court today, when Cyril Aloysius Keogh (28), an actor, was charged with intent to mislead, and also with being in possession of a forged baptismal certificate.
Contract awarded for 126 sm-sp 2782 management local police court