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a court that has power to prosecute for minor offenses and to bind over for trial in a superior court anyone accused of serious offenses

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Hontiveros said Teehankee did not appeal the decision of the Geneva police court and was sentenced to 60 days in probation and fined 400 Swiss francs in 2014.
Molloy's evidence to the police court was read out and when one witness tagged "My Lord" to every answer he gave, laughter broke out in the public gallery.
The James Street police court was one of the best known buildings in early 20th-century Winnipeg.
THE ALIPUR police court in Kolkata on Friday sent a showcause notice to the city police commissioner for non- compliance of an arrest warrant issued by the court about two years ago.
AT Penarth police court on Monday, before Colonel Guthrie and Major Thornley Henry Rendell, a dock hobbler, and Louisa Rendell, of Harriet Street, Cogan, were summoned for cruelty to their four children, whose ages ranged from seven years downward.
Louis, one of those conflicts led to an appearance in police court.
But officials at the state's Putnam police court said the case had now been rescheduled to January 8 after Richey was taken to hospital from jail early yesterday - hours before his hearing.
He was also still testifying in residual police court cases.
Yesterday, he tried to hide his face in shame behind a baseball cap as he was led handcuffed into the Brussels police court.
His study of one Southwest London police court provides us with a fascinating description of how the working classes used it to adjudicate their marital relations during a period when they had no recourse to divorce law.
Here Behlmer blends a more general overview of matrimonial law with a detailed examination of one particular police court, that of Southwest London.
June 2, 1924: Vandalism isn't just a modern problem for three youths appeared before Huddersfield Police Court accused of damaging the war memorial in Greenhead Park.
Contract notice: Service vehicles driving incident police court of barcelona.
1897: Marlborough Street Police Court in London fined taxi driver George Smith pounds 1 making him the first person in Britain to be convicted for drink-driving.
Originally, the municipal offices fronted the High Street while a police court and fire station faced Lawson Street.