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Synonyms for polarize

cause to vibrate in a definite pattern

cause to concentrate about two conflicting or contrasting positions

become polarized in a conflict or contrasting situation


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Samsung SDI Co Ltd (KRX:006400), a provider of energy solutions and electronic materials, announced on Monday the signing of a new contract to build a polarizer film plant in China.
Two parallel nonpolarized light beams are incident on the polarizers (from the measure and the compensation ways, respectively) of the device D in the spectrophotometer.
The researchers stated that the multilevel metamaterial linear polarizer rotates light with polarization perpendicular to its principal axis by 90deg.
In order to measure the circular polarization, two polarizers are jointed back to back with a commercial circular waveguide plated by gold, one adapter and one load are connected with one polarizer, as illustrated in Fig.
By using the hybrid matrix and extracting the reflection and transmission matrices and using the conditions for zero reflection, a suitable arrangement of materials for designing bilayer anisotropic lowpass filters and polarizers was found.
The key idea of this paper is that the quadrature hybrid matrix is equivalent to the waveguide polarizer matrix rotated by 45[degrees].
From the point of view of energy use, current LCD polarizers are inefficient, the researchers said.
The ADF is a laminate of seven different layers, including a UV/IR filter, three polarizers, two liquid crystal elements and a cover glass.
One tip of the asteroid accidentally ended up behind one of the polarizers, which made it appear very dark.
Tokyo, Japan, Aug 11, 2006 - (JCN) - Nitto Denko has developed a first-ever practical application of polarizers with a coated-type compensation layer for LCD-TV.
Second, a new arrangement of two supermirror polarizers allows to achieve an unprecedented degree of neutron polarization P.
The polarizers offer high-damage-thresholds, and are available uncoated or with broadband antireflection coatings from 350 to 600 nm, or from 600 to 1050 nm, which promise less than 1% reflection from each surface.
The LCD manufacturing process by contrast involves placing an alignment layer, inserting spacer beads, placing the top glass layer, filling the cavity with liquid crystal and sealing, placement of color filters and polarizers, backlights, etc.
Meander-line polarizers are used in practice to convert a wave from linear polarization to circular polarization (CP) and vice versa.
They studied a large number of two-photon emissions from calcium atoms by setting up polarizers at opposite ends of a room, independently and randomly changing the polarizer settings between emissions and observing how many photons managed to get through instead of being absorbed.