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Synonyms for pokey

Synonyms for pokey

a correctional institution used to detain persons who are in the lawful custody of the government (either accused persons awaiting trial or convicted persons serving a sentence)

wasting time

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small and remote and insignificant

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Pokey released a couple of others before combining with Jack White for his self-titled album in 2013.
Pokey said: "I was surprised that so many people have been listening to the album have bought it and know the songs.
On March 7, LSU women's basketball coach Pokey Chatman abruptly resigned because of an alleged inappropriate sexual relationship with aformer player.
The pokey pad in Chelsea costs the same price as the average UK home, but potential buyers would need to spend another pounds 30,000 to make the cramped basement liveable.
Highway 61 is the story of Pokey Jones, a barber and occasional trumpeter in the small northern Ontario town of Pickerel Falls who is briefly a local celebrity when he finds a dead body behind his shop.
Among tacky novelty gifts, Christopher Behrens's Penis Pokey (Quirk)--"the book where you're the star
It also thwarted the awkwardness of having to sit out the Hokey Pokey or the Chicken Dance.
They proceeded to fly the pokey craft as if they were Spitfires, and in a very short time they found themselves organized into squadrons, equipped with the latest fighters, and thrown into the Battle of Britain.
Take her physical description in "Hokey Pokey Bucaresti" (March 2002) when she goes undercover to investigate the sex slave trade: "The bony fashion model look was in demand, and Dawna had costumed herself to accentuate her willowy six-feet-three-inches.
Within days of the murder, four black people, Solomon Marable, Mary Abernathy, Mary Barnes, and Pokey Barnes, were arrested for the crime.
Mighty Beanz by SpinMaster, Hulk Hands by Toy Biz, Hokey Pokey Elmo by Fisher-Price Inc.
It first glance, Spiderman, Gumby and Pokey, and more than 100 milk-mustache-wearing celebrities have nothing in common.
Highway 61 begins with Pokey Jones, a trumpet-playing barber from Pickerel Falls, Northern Ontario, finding a man frozen to death in his backyard.
For pounds 200,000, you could have a pokey little dump in Brighton, no garden, traditional grumpy neighbours and run the risk of having your car stolen because you can only park it two miles from your house.
If his libido and nature get the best of him before the five-year probation is up, he could be tossed in the pokey for eight years.