poker face

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a face without any interpretable expression (as that of a good poker player)

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In other words, experienced players' poker faces gave away nothing.
In keeping with the evening's masquerade theme—and to help everyone maintain their poker face at the game tables—guests are encouraged to wear their favorite mask.
Jack Berdy specializing in Aesthetic Medicine and the Medical Director of Smoothmed Medi Spa in Manhattan has developed a new focus for Botox treatments that can create a true poker face hiding your true thoughts behind a mask of relaxation.
In a few minutes the track changed to the Lady Gaga track Poker Face.
Summary: Lady Gaga has held onto the number one spot for a second week with her single, Poker Face.
The pair have been offered pounds 3m each to present the US version of Poker Face, their hit ITV1 quiz show.
Over the years, she developed a keen sense of strategy and a great poker face, relying on her sharp wit and memory to defeat her competitors.
When a band flies off the cuff and whacks your poker face, to me that is the most thrilling aspect.
If I am fortunate to keep a poker face and not slur any words, my secret will continue to be safe.
The New York Times reporter is almost painfully transparent about her motives and sympathies, while Woodward keeps an upper Midwest poker face.
Richard "The Straightman" Byrd, R-Kirkwood: Known by legislative insiders as the "Statehouse Straightman," Byrd is a master at keeping a poker face while going in for the kill.
Walker's political poker face owes a lot to Pop, and to Warhol in particular.
Joe Cada attributes his big win at the World Series of Poker finale on November 9, 2009 in Las Vegas to more than just his poker face.
st fans had chosen to fancy dress in tribute to fancy dress in tribute to Poker Face singer and the Poker Face singer and the was a riot of crazy outfits was a riot of crazy outfits time the gig kicked off time the gig kicked off night.
The first two singles from The Fame - Just Dance and Poker Face - were both massive hits.