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a small disk-shaped counter used to represent money when gambling


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Give the poker chips to the person playing this part.
The recipient of the sample stimulus responded by putting a white poker chip on a comparison stimulus.
For every attendee who participates in SPi Healthcare's poker chip drawing in their booth during ANI, a donation will be made in Helping Kids Clinic's name
Award: Poker chip snag falling, lopping, and scattering
No larger than a poker chip, Luxe Link's stylish, playful designs are light, easy to use and can double as a charm to bling your bag.
When she picks up some coins and a poker chip tossed into a fountain which curses here with several relentless suitors, will she ever discover the importance of love before work?
First, anyone who attends the Gumball 3000 events in London, Las Vegas and Los Angeles can pick up a lucky Absolute Poker poker chip or playing card from the Absolute Poker Girls.
To enter for a chance to win, players of WPT[R] Texas Hold 'Em Poker on Facebookmay purchase any poker chip package* during the promotion period, which runs from May 23rd - June 6th.
Turks also added that Diddy stole a poker chip worth "100 zillions of dollars" that she won in a Mississippi casino and later gave it away to someone else.
All goes well until Beth picks up some coins and a poker chip that have been thrown into a fountain.
This is high stakes, but it's not as if there is a clear plan to close Halewood, it's a poker chip.
Lovers of the bizarre can even buy a Ronald Reagan commemorative poker chip for a more modest EUR3.
A home poker chip set came in second place - to help players improve on their game, not surprisingly 'lessons with a poker pro' and the latest 'complete guide to poker' came joint third.
The 19 shoppers handed over pounds 5 for a poker chip which entitled them to take part in the auction.
VIVA LAS VEGAS: Keep track of your winnings with this Vegas Poker Chip Caddy, which features a mahogany finish and holds 75 red, 75 white and 50 blue chips, $29.