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According to Ponder, the show is meant to serve as an "intelligent rallying cry" for the politically smart to both poke fun at the ideas outlets like Fox News perpetuate while also opening up a conversation among more liberal people.
Obama stopped, flashed a Hawaiian hand sign and used the opportunity to poke fun at an issue he wasn't poking fun at when his critics were hammering him about it.
Vyacheslav Pyetsukh finds plenty of opportunities to poke fun at the late-glasnost moment (1989) in which he was writing, but the best laughs come at the expense of such hallmarks of nineteenth-century Russian fiction as earnest and endless philosophical discussion.
Paul Merton and Ian Hislop once again poke fun at the great and the good.
The actor slapped a legal notice on Micromax Mobile late October, contending that the advertisement - in which two 'bais' (servants) poke fun at him - "amounted to wilful character assassination and contempt of court." "Shiney has challenged his conviction and the Bombay High Court has admitted his appeal, which is currently pending hearing.
Sharon, 37, of Hook, Hampshire, added: "He wasn't making a point that this is an out-of-date stereotype, he was actually using the stereotype to just basically poke fun at people with disabilities."
GARETH TEMPERLY, via email, writes: Why do you think it is OK to poke fun at ITV1's axing of The Bill, which will put many people out of work?
TAYLOR Swift has hinted she might poke fun at the Kanye West controversy when she guest-hosts a Saturday Night Live.
For some reason, when you're blessed with the whole package--pale skin, freckles, an overbite, and beet-colored tresses--it's only natural that sophomoric blonds and brunets poke fun. Thankfully, the schoolyard pseudonyms have lessened over the years as my friends have matured, but every now and again I'll meet someone who still thinks it's witty to remind me of my "uncanny" resemblance to little Ronnie Howard.
'Fun' is the operative word here, as Richard Lederer and John Shore poke fun at the misuse of punctuation and how choices in punctuation can have very different results.
The statement said that the campaign was "meant to poke fun at slices of everyday life, but this execution clearly crossed the line".
Yes, I love to poke fun at people, situations and even myself.
The Songstress performances are uncomfortably raw, suggesting that Thauberger might be encouraging us to poke fun at her subjects' earnestness.
The Columbus/Hughes films may poke fun at the sentiments of earlier Christmas films, but in the end they succumb to the same maudlin praise of house and home.
Westerfeld has encapsulated today's cool in a fast-paced, fun novel that's not afraid to poke fun at our own consumerism while at the same time recognizing that cool rules.