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However, the drug delivery of liposomes is not efficient, since many modifications have been designed to minimize clearance and poisonousness. In general, liposomes accumulate in the macrophages of the liver and spleen after intravenous injection.
Brickhouse demonstrates how a fear about the blurring of animal/human boundaries in this inoculation process is translated into the human/plant hybridity of "Rappaccini's Daughter." These blurred boundaries ultimately refer back to "the anxious racial coding that structures Calderon's description" of the rattlesnake inoculation, elided by Hawthorne in his paraphrase: "In Calderon's account, racial differences can have lethal consequences: it is specifically nonwhite persons who carry the toxic charge of the snake--a poisonousness that subtly metaphorizes the possibility of miscegenation" (Brickhouse 230).
The first attribute is the poisonousness of the mushroom and the 2nd to the 23rd attributes are 22 characteristics of the mushrooms.
(39) Yet in reproducing sculptures only in unglazed states, Bunka omits an important component of the discourse on formlessness: the transgressive (over)embrace of polychromatic, decorative surfaces that Bois likens to the "poisonousness" of the unmediated and untransposed kitsch found in the work of Jean Fautrier and Lucio Fontana.
If the bite of the basilisk was mentioned, it was not considered venomous until references to its alleged poisonousness first appeared in the post-medieval works of Gesner and Topsell.