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Moscow has said the poison gas in that incident belonged to rebels.
1) After the first successful poison gas attack by the Germans at Ypres in 1915, British commander Sir John French (1852-1925) said that he regretted "the fighting has been characterized on the enemy's side, by cynical and barbarous disregard of the well-known usages of civilized war.
Thirteen civilians, including women and children, were killed and wounded in the poison gas attack in the Central districts of Aleppo city on Tuesday.
The Syrian Observatory for Human Rights, a UK-based group that reports on the war using an activist network on the ground, said it had also documented the use of poison gas by the terrorist ISIS in northeastern Syria on June 28.
after inhaling poison gas, which is internationally prohibited.
Obama had already said that any use of poison gas by the Syrian regime would cross a "red line" and trigger an American attack.
The government and opposition forces in Syria accused each other of using poison gas Kafr Zita in Hama province, killing two people and injuring dozens of others.
SYRIA has completed the destruction of critical equipment for producing chemical weapons and filling munitions with poison gas, an official at the global chemical weapons watchdog said yesterday.
There ought to be no more poison gas shells raining down on innocent civilians, as happened this summer in Damascus, where 1,400 people, mostly women and children, were massacred.
Syria's use of poison gas prompted a international response greater than a hundred thousand deaths and two million refugees: a threat of American missile attack on the Assad government and an agreement that the Syrian gas stockpile must be surrendered and disarmed.
The use of poison gas in a Middle Eastern civil war does not mean that North Korea or anybody else is going to use it on Americans.
We need a policy response that simultaneously deters another Syrian poison gas attack, doesn't embroil the United States in the Syrian civil war and also doesn't lead to the sudden collapse of the Syrian state with all its chemical weapons, or, worse, a strengthening of the Syrian regime and its allies Hezbollah and Iran.
In his return Tuesday, Stewart referenced stories he missed — celebrity cook Paula Deen, New York mayoral candidate Anthony Weiner's alter ego "Carlos Danger" and Miley Cyrus' sultry MTV dance — then took up the challenge of trying to make comedy and social commentary out of the Syrian poison gas attack.
OK, let's remember Churchill's thoughts on the use of poison gas in warfare.
Saudi Foreign Minister Saud Al-Faisal said condemnation of Syria over the poison gas attack, which US officials say killed 1,429 people, was not enough.