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having a pointed toe


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Pointy-toed, the new courts in 'Court Collection' are sharp enough to effortlessly assert their position of power.
If you wake up one morning with a "toe-penis" you learn to deal with it: no more walking barefoot at the pool, no more pointy-toed shoes.
The shoes, pointy-toed patent kitten heels with studs that gave them a touch of danger, were also appealingly fashion-forward.
folk, shuffling around with a ukulele, accordion and didgeridoo where most people put amps, and sporting flip-flops instead of pointy-toed boots.
Brand, mincing about in his pointy-toed boots and too-tight trousers, is starting to look like an ageing rock chick.
MY first memories of Rod were of he and Barry Pritchard appearing at Rugby Granada cinema stage show with Robbie Hood and his Merry Men, wearing tights and pointy-toed boots.
He's been a pointy-toed political anorak all his life and he doesn't know the first thing about what matters to ordinary people.
All you had to do was look down at the feet of Kate Winslet, who was outfitted in white Stuart Weitzman pointy-toed T-straps with crystals.
Up until a few years ago, women in the workforce eschewed high heels and pointy-toed shoes for footwear that helped them blend in with their male counterparts.
The pointy-toed high heels are displayed prominently at a new shop on Eugene's Fifth Avenue, Miss Meers Shoe Boutique.
Fashion, the bane of female existence, strikes again this season with pointy-toed shoes.
THE SOLUTION Trendy pointy-toed flats will keep you closer to his level when that bottle from homeroom asks for a slow dance.
It's nearly as mad as the women who are having ops on their feet so they can fit into pointy-toed shoes.
This was a lady who meant business - from the discreet diamonds at fingers, ears and throat to the tips of her high-heeled, pointy-toed boots.
Mark's Place, back when there were fewer than a hundred pointy-toed hipsters skulking around the East Village streets and a boy could get the shit beat out of him for dyeing his hair blue.