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Synonyms for convergence

Synonyms for convergence

a converging at a common center

the act or fact of coming together

the act or fact of coming near

Synonyms for convergence

the occurrence of two or more things coming together

the approach of an infinite series to a finite limit


Related Words

a representation of common ground between theories or phenomena

the act of converging (coming closer)

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With so many points of convergence, the two countries should foster even deeper relations with each other.
Common history and future demanded that all factions focused on points of convergence rather than divergence.
He added, in a statement to the press, that this meeting held around the UGTT initiative to overcome the political crisis shaking the country, was an occasion to evoke the points of convergence related to the importance to appease the climate and the need of a national consensus around the government line-up.
Redha stressed that the dialogue of civilizations "must be based on the points of convergence rather than the differences within the framework of objectivity and respect for others.
There are undeniably many points of convergence between the two institutions.
It seems that the points of divergence are more than the points of convergence, but personal relations still remain.
I see that the points of convergence are clear in front of us.
The focus is therefore on which particular values represent points of convergence or divergence between elites and masses in the seven countries.
We thus call on other political parties, particularly Nepali Congress and CPN-UML, to reciprocate the Maoist gesture by coming to the negotiating table in good faith, ready to engage in meaningful give-and-take and to scope out possible points of convergence.
Regarding Lebanon, both sides stressed the importance of promoting reconciliation among the Lebanese and searching for points of convergence to serve the interest of Lebanon through forming a government of national unity as the cornerstone for the stability, unity and strength of Lebanon.
We must always try to communicate with people by building bridges between different cultures and discovering points of convergence between them.
interdisciplinarity"--by drawing on points of convergence between
is a leading secular moral philosopher--they have several points of convergence.