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Synonyms for pointless

Synonyms for pointless

without aim, purpose, or intent

lacking rational direction or purpose

Synonyms for pointless

not having a point especially a sharp point



serving no useful purpose

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However, we are far from a potential agreement and that is why we consider this debate pointless and unnecessary," Kyprianou said.
The 24-year-old says: "I haven't got anything on my body that is pointless.
Ian Tough said: "We were wary of doing Pointless as we are a bit thick on who and what pop band did what.
Pointless, hosted by Alexander Armstrong and Richard Osman, gets about three million viewers.
Snatching a quick break in the green room afterwards, the brainy presenter - who worked behind the scenes in TV before hit game show Pointless came along in 2009 - admits he was "truly worried" about people's reaction to the new show.
As the UK creative director of TV production company Endemol, he pitched the quiz Pointless to the BBC.
Strange how Stephanie knew the footie answer #pointless" "That 'woman' Stephanie on Pointless is definitely a man dunno who he/shes's tryna kid" And a litany of far meaner jokes and comments about whether she should really have been called Steven.
FANTASY Island meets Pointless in ITV's new Sunday night quiz show Prize Island.
Alexander Armstrong and his "Pointless friend" Richard Osman are joined by four couples who all made it through to the final in the past but then failed to come up with that elusive pointless answer.
I could end my career with England being record goalscorer and maybe even record caps-holder, but if you're not going to be successful, then it's pointless.
Pointless Alqaeda The most interesting thing about this dangerous organization is how pointless it really has become.
I always look forward to watching Pointless on BBC1 but I've been a little confused lately.
However, when the researchers directed people's attention to the pointless nature of their efforts, they no longer valued the outcomes associated with the pointless effort.
It's the pointless interference, rules and regulations that stifle growth not unleash it.