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Synonyms for pointillist

a painter who uses the technique of pointillism

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of or relating to pointillism

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In this issue, you'll find a host of thought-provoking and informative articles, including Priscilla Tallman's profile of Kris Gebhardt, a proponent of physical fitness and proper nutrition for artists, on page 68; Lee Mergner's interview with pointillist painter Jonathan Brender on page 38; and a comprehensive guide to spring's best sculpture exhibitions on page 72.
He draws from traditional pointillist studies and layers that style with the Russian avant-garde of the early 1900's along with today's modern digital imagery.
The inclusion of Monet's radiant The Thaw at Vetheuil (1880) and Pissarro's pointillist Haymaking, Eragny (1887) helps to demonstrate how Munch and Van Gogh adopted radical new approaches to light, colour, and composition, while refusing to settle for one particular mode of painting.
The movement is dissonant throughout, with some pointillist aspects, and a wide range of dynamics, expressive gestures, and rhythmic and intervallic challenges.
Work in the pointillist style, including a selection of drawings from the recently published book A Roomful of Wires.
Many of us have asked students to create still life paintings in the manner of Gauguin or to dab colors as a Pointillist would.
Book 2 includes "Primavera" (Spring) by Sandro Botticelli, which uses a ground bass pattern typical of the Renaissance period, and "Cirque" (Circus) by Georges Seurat, a French pointillist painter, using the chromatic figure from the theme to "Entrance of the Gladiators."
Though its use of color is exuberant, Ali Ahmad's work is in no way pointillist. The momentary impression that it is stems from her oils' dimpled, pitted surfaces.
Like a superb pointillist, Leader reveals, bit by bit, Bellow's own portrait of the artist as a young man.
Painted in vibrant reds, greens, yellows and black in a sort of pointillist style, reminiscent of Australian aboriginal art, it hails in fact from the Bhil tribe of Madhya Paradesh in India.
Mix a pitcher of martinis Tuesday evening to fortify yourself against the torrent of election returns painting a pointillist portrait of the nation's mind.
The Bishop Arts District in Dallas is home to a pointillist collection of shops, theaters, and restaurants.
His earliest work was influenced by Impressionism, although he also later painted in pointillist style.
Her story and those of dozens of others--victims, families, descendants --come together like dots on a pointillist canvas until a portrait is revealed of a place and its people over a span of two generations.
| The pointillist style lends itself well to characterful faces...