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a school of painters who used a technique of painting with tiny dots of pure colors that would blend in the viewer's eye

a genre of painting characterized by the application of paint in dots and small strokes

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Art dealer Kim Marcelo said that looking at Alcantara's works made him coin the word 'stylized pointillism.'
Among the earliest influences in Cambel's art was Ibarra de la Rosa, a Filipino painter renowned for his pointillism and barefoot strolls.
In a series of large-scale paintings that recall pointillism, Op art, Minimalism, and other global traditions of abstraction, Kher submerges the viewer in multicolored fields of dots that thrum with energy.
The production starred Jake Gyllenhaal as Georges Seurat, the artistic genius who invented the painterly technique known as pointillism, in the role originated in 1984 by Mandy Patinkin.
Sophia Naz walks a tightrope between two languages, English and Urdu, and her new collection of poems, Pointillism, is a pointer to that.
But it had so much of the work I loved as a child and inspired me - Van Gogh's bedroom, Seurat's pointillism, Warhol, Monet, Hoppers' Nighthawks and then I saw Hockney's "American Collectors" piece.
His style of calligraphy represents his own composition and innovation rendering into pointillism. His miraculous use of colour and delicate strokes give a never ending depth to his paintings and make one have the sense of being at that place.
Now he works on different forms of art like paper sketch, painting on canvass, landscape painting, fine art and pointillism. He says he is thankful to his teacher, who recognized his growing talents and started grooming him, but not professionally.
Kevin Ryan's four-year-old filly returned to form at Carlisle a fortnight ago when she only succumbed by a short head to Pointillism.
The four-year-old filly, trained by Kevin Ryan, returned to form at Carlisle a fortnight ago when she only succumbed by a short head to Pointillism.
The venture is named after the French painter Paul Signac, who helped invent pointillism, the technique of using small dots of color to form an image visible at a distance.
Venezuelan-born painter Jonathan Brender's bright pointillism pieces have made him popular with collectors in the United States and Europe.
Christie's has noted how the work betrays the immense optimism Shammout evidently felt at the promise of Oslo, blending elements of pointillism, impressionism, social realism and romanticism in the single canvas.
The second movement starts slowly, with some pointillism and silence, and the parts gradually come together.