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Synonyms for point-blank

Synonyms for point-blank

characterized by directness in manner or speech

close enough to go straight to the target

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Whatever it was that drove him at age sixteen to ask Alexander Grant point-blank why his fellow judges at the 1984 International Ballet Competition in Helsinki had voted against him (Grant had voted for him) also drove him to perfect his technique.
The killing was recorded on helmet camera and the on helmet camera and the footage showed the commando shoot the man commando shoot the man in the chest at point-blank in the chest at point-blank range with his pistol.
The Dubs keeper pulled off a succession of sizzling saves, including a second-half point-blank double from Eoin Bradley.
Chelsea Forte helped the Conquistadores dodge a bullet late in the first half by heading a shot off the goal line and Ashley Menin came up with one of the biggest saves of her career on a point-blank stop from six yards in the 68th minute.
The vest, which the Marine Corps began fielding in late 1999, includes two 4-pound inserts that protect the vital organs against 9 mm submachine-gun fire at point-blank range, said Dee Townes, project officer for Natick's Marine Corps team.
The unforgiving style splits the difference between the food photos on Chinese restaurant menus and Richard Avedon's point-blank portraits.
Cardinal Juan Posadas Ocampo of Mexico was shot and killed at point-blank range by two gunmen hired by drug traffickers in 1993.
Listed as point-blank, close, medium, long and extreme, these scales give the most effective fire estimate for direct monster contact.
Krystal Hart, 22, was shot twice in the head at point-blank range on her doorstep.
Megan Quinn scored in the 15thminute and Ashley Menin stopped a point-blank shot midway through the second half to keep the score tied.
A YOUNG Briton has died after being shot at point-blank range in a gangland hit outside his villa on Spain's Costa del Sol early yesterday.
This theory came under question almost at once when a post-mortem showed that the Cardinal had been shot at point-blank range.