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a concentrated source (especially of radiation or pollution) that is spatially constricted

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As for the original point source model, the pressure response function of a 2D rectangular muffler by the source located at ([x.
6 it can be observed that the contribution to the 186 keV gamma-ray line from the point source pair configuration is larger compared to that of the sand so additional shielding was added to reduce this contribution.
During the network's peak activity, in 1980, more than 900 monitors were positioned near point sources, along roadsides, and in urban locations.
Thus, variations in shading would be more subtle for relatively fiat, featureless topography where a slightly inclined point source might reveal more detail of the topography.
Also in California, a federal judge ruled that runoff from logging operations can count as a point source of pollution, subject to the same kinds of permits required of factories.
what would otherwise be a point source on the basis of size alone
The PA DEP nutrient credit program is unique in that credits can be generated from a non-point source discharger such as a dairy farm, and these credits can then be sold to a point source discharger, such as municipal waste treatment plants (MWTPs).
3) However, the focus of the CWA is point source pollution,(4) and many of the nation's waters remain impaired because of nonpoint source pollution.
The company's existing and potential customers include oil companies; toxic and hazardous waste treatment and disposal companies; manufacturers with fixed point source facilities, such as automotive, aerospace, and electronic component manufacturers; specialty environmental remediation companies; agricultural processors, animal waste processors; and medical and hospitality waste-streams.
As part of the point source part of Pennsylvania's strategy, DEP is amending National Pollutant Discharge Elimination System (NPDES) permits for 190 facilities identified to be significant contributors of nutrients.
The RIF produces estimated relative risks for any given condition for the population within defined areas around a point source, relative to the population in a local reference region (Aylin et al.
The review is held annually to demonstrate the accomplishments of the collective JMAR divisions on tasks ranging from x-ray lithography and x-ray point source systems, to advanced inspection methods and materials development.
The TMDLs address both point source (end-of-pipe) discharges into the river and non-point sources, such as stormwater runoff, Superfund sites, and air deposition of PCBs.