point of view

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Synonyms for point of view

the position from which something is observed or considered

Synonyms for point of view

a mental position from which things are viewed

the spatial property of the position from which something is observed

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A compelling example of the power of point of view is the budding movement in financial services to embrace Enterprise Risk Management, which focuses on thinking about, measuring and managing a firm's overall combination of risks and returns.
USB portable storage and memory manufacturer VTEC Industry Europe, part of VTEC Japan, announced on 2 August that it is offering VGA graphics cards from Point of View Graphics, a Dutch graphics card company and one of four NVIDIA retail partners in Europe.
We kicked around the idea of creating a proper magazine out of the existing Caucus newsletter, and I came up with Point of View, which Fusca shortened to POV.
5, where, in the midst of a narrative of capture the point of view shifts from a third-person narrator to the first person.
Everyone thinks his or her idea, opinion, point of view, solution or issue is right and all others contrary to that are wrong.
The shifting points of view and subtle emotional shading of The Way the Crow Flies may also owe something to MacDonald's background as an actor: "Once you inhabit a point of view, you make that character quite powerful," she points out.
Their collective interest in records retention has increased considerably in the past decade, and there are now available reference works on the topic that consider it from corporate counsel's point of view. But some of these publications are useful to RIM professionals as well.
* define the terms: angle, texture, lighting, placement, harmony, balance, repetition, point of view, bird's-eye view and worm's-eye view.
depends on your point of view. That remark challenges the whole meaning
From my point of view, a loss of confidence at this point would be extraordinarily devastating.
Thus he dismisses as "primitive" a lifetime of knowledge gained in a particular landscape from a native cultural point of view. What John fails to understand is that Julius has a native's claim to the land, as the American Indians had originally (and continue to have), albeit one that is not recorded on a deed: "Toward my tract of land and the things that were on it--the creeks, the swamps, the hills, the stones, the trees--he maintained a peculiar personal attitude, that might be called predial rather than proprietary" (64-65).
"They asked, `How can a Catholic be in good standing and still hold that point of view?' I'm saying you can't be a Catholic in good standing and hold that point of view.
(1) The novelis a postmodern re-telling of the story of Samson, which is told from Delilah's point of view--which is to say, from the Philistine point of view. This has the effect of revealing some of the truth that is glossed over in the Bible.
It's absolutely vital that we have organizations like the Frances Clark Center that are looking at something in-depth and that have a point of view, enhancing everything they do.