point of departure

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Synonyms for point of departure

a place from which an enterprise or expedition is launched

a beginning from which an enterprise is launched

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Since then it has been the point of departure for four satellites launched as part of the San Marco Project, a cooperative atmospheric-research program of the University of Rome's Aerospace Research Center and NASA.
The Brooklyn choreographer Nicolo Fonte uses the idea of "relentless beauty" as a point of departure.
A ground stop cuts incoming flights by holding aircraft on the ground at their point of departure.
Also, the Watts Riots, Jean-Michel Basquiat and -- perhaps most principally -- Simon Rodia, the Italian immigrant who built those now-historic structures that serve as Smith's metaphor and point of departure.
The first involves the designation of the point of departure as a NOEL (no observed effect level) versus a LOAEL (lowest observed adverse effect level).
Two years ago, it was sensitively converted into a stylish boutique hotel, with a two-storey wing of galleries, making it an ideal point of departure for an architectural pilgrimage.
The formula sums up the deliriously methodical, ongoing project she embarked on in 1997: to create an imaginary company whose point of departure would be entirely of her own activities and that would at the same time escape any form of control.
Besprochene und erzahlte Welt (Stuttgart, 1971), which was translated into French as Le Temps: le recit et le commentaire (Paris, 1973), could have been an effective theoretical point of departure to foster the close readings this book seldom offers.
Simone Weil's Gravity and Grace is examined, and her penchant for the use of the concept of the void as a point of departure for metaphysical speculation, while Simone de Beauvoir's work Old Age is analyzed, with a view toward setting out her use of the Sartrean concept of project.
Her carefully researched and documented book with its excellent bibliography will be a point of departure for all future researchers.
Woodson's The African Background Outlined would have been the ideal point of departure for discussion of what Logan makes of important aspects of African culture in American slavery, a subject of great concern in American history at this hour.
Cydelity eSentry's risk based progressive scoring system tracks all authorized and unauthorized activity from the point of a user's arrival at a banking web site to point of departure.
The San Fernando Chamber of Commerce executive chairman said the city is primed to become a destination and not a point of departure for residents in and around San Fernando.
For Jakob + Macfarlane, the roof formed a point of departure for the new insertions which are conceived as a series of planes extruded downwards and then cranked and kinked to define new spaces.