point of departure

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a place from which an enterprise or expedition is launched

a beginning from which an enterprise is launched

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Given the choice of a nonadverse effect (inhibition of iodide uptake by the thyroid) as the point of departure and the multiple studies in which doses of perchlorate much higher than 0.
Although Habel draws on the work of many scholars, her point of departure is Richard Krautheimer's The Rome of Alexander VII, 1655-1667 (1985).
What had begun at the fringe of classical civilization was by 1500 a point of departure for distant lands and the source for a new epoch in world history.
Ultimately, this book identifies a point of origin for many vexing questions that continue to drive research on music today, while simultaneously providing a point of departure for what we can only hope will be equally sophisticated work on other moments in the development of black music criticism.
This article--part of a larger project that examines the place of the human in contemporary thought after the critique of the subject--takes as its point of departure the problematic of the author in Maurice Blanchot.
If you have not identified a point of departure, how can you measure your accomplishments?
Any point of departure will do for starting the improvement process.
The "Camp Gives Kids a World of Good" platform is a superb point of departure as you explain the benefits of experiences at your camp that go way beyond friendships and physical skills.
The China Daily said illegal migration is at an all-time low in the province, famous as a point of departure for Chinese emigrants around the world.
Similarly, Sundiata embraces the urban terrain and uses it as a mysterious and metaphorical point of departure.
This formula -- high-end residential buildings adjacent to the point of departure -- is so simple it is almost obvious, especially now as the inflated real estate market in Manhattan forces people to live in edge cities like Yonkers.
Stopover packages with Icelandair are available for a visit based in Iceland's capital, Reykjavik, an interesting city that is also a convenient point of departure for day trips throughout the country.
Since then it has been the point of departure for four satellites launched as part of the San Marco Project, a cooperative atmospheric-research program of the University of Rome's Aerospace Research Center and NASA.
The Brooklyn choreographer Nicolo Fonte uses the idea of "relentless beauty" as a point of departure.