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an animal whose body temperature varies with the temperature of its surroundings

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Three poikilotherm species have been reported as potential predators of Steller sea lions (Loughlin and York, 2000): the white shark, the salmon shark, and the Pacific sleeper shark.
In the early post-hatch period, chickens act as poikilotherm animals and become fully homeotherm after about 10 days, when the thermoregulation development reaches a high level (NICHELMANN; TZSCHENTKE, 2002; TAZAWA et al.
Lipofuscin as a record of "rate of living" in an aquatic poikilotherm.
Studies of parasites which have developmental stages in both poikilotherm and homeotherms have suggested that thermal tolerance may be a common property of many parasitic organisms.
Temperature is assumed to be the most important environmental modulator of poikilotherm metabolism (Thompson 1984).
borealis, a poikilotherm, is strongly influenced by temperature and food availability, both of which vary widely spatially and temporally in its huge geographic range (~2400 nautical miles between latitudes 40[degrees]N and 80[degrees]N).
One example is when a poikilotherm animal speeds up development at high temperatures.
Squids that occupy the well-lit epipelagic waters have metabolic rates unmatched by any other aquatic poikilotherm.
Furthermore, most aquatic organisms, such as benthic macroinvertebrates, that fish rely upon as food sources are poikilotherms, and are also limited by water temperature.
3,8) Handling-induced hyperthermia, or "stress hyperthermia," has also been well documented in several other nonraptorial bird species, as well as in mammals and poikilotherms.
This supports other studies suggesting that climate change could enhance the harm caused by invasive species, especially poikilotherms, by removing thermal barriers and allowing them to spread to and flourish at higher latitudes (Brook et al.
Compensation for temperature in the metabolism and activity of poikilotherms.