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Synonyms for pogrom

Synonyms for pogrom

the savage killing of many victims

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organized persecution of an ethnic group (especially Jews)

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He meticulously reviews primary and secondary sources to produce a comprehensive chronicle and critique both of the pogroms and of the reactions they provoked.
Known for an authoritarian leadership style, Modi's only expression of regret for the pogroms compared them to a car running over a puppy, while he labelled Muslim relief camps "baby-making factories".
Hence, Putin's pogrom jibe at the pro-EU demonstrators in contemporary Ukraine is pretty crude, a smear against pro-Western Ukrainian nationalists that paints them as a reactionary force with an anti-Semitic, tsarist, Nazi lineage, and ignoring the fact that it is the protesters who are being brutalised by the pro-Russian leadership of the country.
9) Engel, Klier, and many of the authors whose work is reviewed here use pogrom as a prism to analyze important and timely questions: why ordinary people engage in group violence against neighboring populations, the role that state and military authorities play in the process, and the complex, often unpredictable reactions of a broad range of actors.
The pogrom also left about a thousand Jewish families financially devastated.
When a governor does not want a pogrom in a given town, he says to the head of police, "Public order in town is your responsibility.
In 1983 Nellie massacre when Indira Gandhi ruled India, the pogrom, carried out with crude weapons in a matter of a few hours, left some 5,000 people dead.
The official pretext for the pogrom was the shooting of Ernst vom Rath a low-level German diplomat.
Habiendo sido la Semana Tragica en general una de las mayores matanzas llevadas a cabo por fuerzas de seguridad y civiles en el transcurso del siglo pasado (1) y el pogrom (2), en particular, una de las primeras y mas violenta incursiones del antisemitismo en la arena politica argentina (Lvovich, 2003), sorprende menos al observador el surgimiento de un eventual impulso conmemorativo que el hecho de haber caido en el olvido durante decadas.
The sight of Jews firing at innocent Palestinians has no other name than pogrom.
The volume, which is largely based on the research for Professor Keogh's accomplished work Jews in Twentieth-Century Ireland, deals with the growing presence of Jews in Ireland from the 1890s to the early years of the twentieth century, the fact that most of them were petty traders and were rumoured to be engaged in nefarious practices--rumours without foundation, according to a police investigation in 1903--and the circumstance that only in Limerick did they complain of a pogrom against them.
I remember her telling us once about the 1938 Kristallnacht (Night of Broken Glass) pogrom, during which Nazi mobs attacked Jews, burned synagogues, and smashed Jewish businesses and institutions.
It was formal dispute before a Catholic tribunal, the outcome of which was determined in advance: the Jews would lose and a pogrom would follow.
Since then it has begun to emerge that the ruling pro-Hindu party in Gujarat may have orchestrated the pogrom for electoral gains.