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a dense winter fog containing ice particles


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On a recent sunny afternoon, I was walking on our City Greenbelt lands known as The Pogonip, when I saw a woman walking toward me with a huge umbrella over her.
At Pogonip park, just east of UC Santa Cruz's campus, the redwoods shoot sky-high.
Acrotreta curvata Walcott, 1902, Lower Ordovician, Tremadocian, Pogonip Limestone, Eureka district, Nevada, USA.
A proposed trail through preserved open space will be the center of debate at Tuesday's City Council meeting as parks and recreation officials seek approval to design a new Pogonip trail for equestrians, bicyclists, pedestrians and dogs on leash.
This icing is called "pogonip," a meteorological term originally used by Native Americans to describe the frozen fogs of fine ice crystals that settle on trees, fences and plants.
The Shirley Ann claim is situated along the eastern margin of a metamorphosed block of Paleozoic limestone (Pogonip Formation?) that is in contact with a calcic facies of the Cretaceous Hunter Mountain quartz monzonite, that ranges in composition from pyroxene-biotite gabbro to olivine gabbro.