poetic justice

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an outcome in which virtue triumphs over vice (often ironically)

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This is poetic justice at work because we're confiscating the ill-gotten gains of villains and redistributing the money where it's needed.
It is a double dose of poetic justice that for all its power and pounds sterling BP was too dumb to realize that Louisiana's Napoleonic-rooted civil code is notoriously crooked.
It is an intriguing story, filled with violence and, in some cases, redemption; in other cases, poetic justice.
What's more, on Wednesday he also took down Virender Sehwag's record of India's fastest ODI century, smacking a round 100 not out in 52 balls, and it was only poetic justice that Kohli -- the Mr Dependable in Indian cricket -- was present at the other end as Rohit Sharma hit the winning runs.
EeIn a development that could be described as poetic justice, Nigeria's President Goodluck Jonathan, who has continuously said his country's electricity supply has improved, had his Easter message interrupted by power outage during a church service in Lagos on Sunday.
I suppose it would be poetic justice if we could snatch a win from them the way they did to us with the last play of the game at Langtree Park earlier in the season.
Ian, Cumbria Bad karma at Newbury Poetic justice for Newbury for the times genuine Flat racegoers have been faced with increased admission for live bands there.
Marc Jacobs will not do poetic justice to disgraced anti-Semite John Galliano and take over his post at Dior.
Many of the employees who have had their terms and conditions reviewed by this Labour-led council may feel this is poetic justice.
McCarthy said: "No, I wasn't looking for poetic justice, it wouldn't be bothering me where we were playing and who we beat, it was just a matter of getting the points.
Slams are held every second Saturday of the month at 7pm at Poetic Justice Cafe.
It is not poetic justice, even karma, that he himself is rapidly becoming "Mr Has-Been"
It is poetic justice when you remember that Denmark was the first country in Europe to bring in large-scale subsidies in 1980.
Refereeing controversies were very much part of this World Cup as they have been in the past, but my goodness, wasn't poetic justice served aplenty in the way the Uruguayan Diego Forlan's last-minute free kick skimmed the corner of the crossbar in their third-place play-off match against Germany?
Poetic justice of the highest order after the way they got themselves there in the first place.