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any of a class of solid or semisolid viscous substances obtained either as exudations from certain plants or prepared by polymerization of simple molecules

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352/640(55%) patients were treated with topical 20% podophyllin cream and 288/640 patients(45%) were treated with 5% topical imiquimod cream (Table 20); 238/352 (67.
1] Poisoning with podophyllin is rare, with most cases documented around the 1970s 1980s.
Taken as cooling drink Podophyllum hexandrum Royle Rhizome yields podophyllin used to check cancerous growth Polygonium alpinum All.
It is safe in comparison with the toxic effects of 20% podophyllin antimitotic solution or 0.
The action of podophyllin and its fractions on marine eggs.
Destructive treatments were higher-cost modalities, with cryotherapy at $951, trichloroacetic acid at $986, imiquimod at $1255, and podophyllin at $1632.
Treatments that can be done without anesthesia (cryotherapy, podophyllin, tri- or bichloracetic acid, and 5-fluorouracil) will lead to complete clearance in two-thirds of patients, Dr.
There are many treatments for warts: cryotherapy (freezing them with liquid nitrogen); salicylic acid (a weak acid to dissolve them), cimetidine (an ulcer pill); canthardin (a drug that causes blistering under the wart so it falls off); podophyllin (a substance that causes the warts to fall off); cryosugery (a surgical technique that uses cold to remove the wart); carbon dioxide lasers (to vaporize the wart), imiquimod cream (for more on this, see volume 20, issue 4 of Pediatrics for Parents), heat (to burn the wart off), and tape occlusion (wrapping the wart tightly with tape that prevents moisture from contacting the wart).
A new form of podophyllin called "podofilex" (Condylox Oclassen) is now available.
2) Topical therapy with podophyllin resin 25% solution usually achieves resolution after 1-2 treatment applications.
Warts are normally burned off with repeated applications of a chemical called podophyllin, which is both time-consuming and difficult.
Warts are currently being treated by freezing, electrocautery, surgery, laser removal, or drugs such as podophyllin, interferon, or trichloroacetic acid.
Your dermatologist may prescribe a form of podophyllin which can be used at home.
Small, localized external lesions can be managed with four-six weekly applications of 20% Podophyllin.
Blister dipirona (metamizol sodium) 1ml, 500mg / ml,blister ephedrine 50 mg / 2ml,blister pancuronium bromide 4 mg / 2ml,bottle podophyllin 10-25%,gotero nystatin 100,000 iu / 1 ml etc.