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a scar or pit on the skin that is left by a pustule of smallpox or acne or other eruptive disease

mark with or as if with pockmarks

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Los pockmarks fueron identificados por primera vez en la plataforma de Nueva Escocia a finales de la decada de los sesenta, y se definieron como depresiones esfericas o semiesfericas con paredes escalonadas y fondos planos (King And MacLean, 1970).
The linear pockmark chains, particularly where faults occur, may present a potential zone of migration to the surface.
1988, Seabed Pockmark and Seepages: Impact on Geology, Sedimentology and the Environment: Graham and Trotman, London.
Mr Powell wrote: "Would you decide to contribute to climate change and in the worst case leave Wales covered in pockmarks of disused frack sites oozing a cocktail of poisonous and radioactive chemicals and damaged rural infrastructure in order to reduce the costs of gas by a few pence per unit?
Three ways to remove rust Pros: Cons: Grind, sand or scour off No pockmarks and a Dirty, dusty, hard the rust smooth finish prior work.
However, if the surface still has pockmarks, swirls or scratches, use a "sandable" or "filler" primer to fill in the depressions.
The potential damage steroids can do to a body is far more serious than pockmarks and shrunken testicles.
The annealing temperature of 1650F (898C) released gas trapped beneath the surface, leaving pockmarks.
Other portraits show details of a surprisingly high number of secondary craters, small pockmarks created during the formation of larger craters.
That landscape suggests that old pockmarks have been erased by recent geological activity, perhaps only tens of millions of years ago.
Rough estimates, based on the pockmarks on their surface, put the hills at about 4 billion years old.
In the May GEOLOGY, scientists report finding pockmarks on the continental shelf off Virginia and North Carolina.
Intriguingly, this cracked facade has few craters, an indication of recent, major changes on the surface of Europa, which would have obliterated these pockmarks.
Created mainly by bombarding meteorites and comets, the craters are used by scientists to date a celestial body as those with more cosmic pockmarks are believed to be older than those with fewer of the scars.