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a knife with a blade that folds into the handle

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The collector base among pocketknife owners is, and always has been, huge.
The accused hesitated and the officer was about to handcuff him when he took out a pocketknife and attacked the officer leaving him bleeding profusely.
Her grandfather had wanted her to feel safe, and gave here the pocketknife to help.
Authorities allege that Vires struck a 31-year-old man with a stick and also used a pocketknife to stab the victim during a dispute.
A year before he passed away in 1996, my father gave me his Old Timer pocketknife.
Police downplayed the incident because the pocketknife was never taken out, exposed or used as a threat.
Ritter, a 59-year-old survival equipment expert, has carried a pocketknife since he was seven, and he feels naked without one.
Three stickers are rewarded with an exclusive OI love Davos KlostersO pocketknife.
Security was reportedly called to escort him out after he revealed to senior staff a pocketknife he carries.
Jon Hutt, who had no phone reception and knew no one would hear his cries, took half an hour to decide to sever all the toes on his right foot with a three-inch pocketknife.
6-centimeter) pocketknife to cut off all five toes to get free.
There will be not a single weapon even a pocketknife on the ships," he said.
Jankiel's conciliatory plea cut short by Pocketknife.
He tries the amber lump with his pocketknife, to see it break, I