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the quantity a pocket will hold

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Pocketful of Presents is organised by Cardiff Cares and Business in the Community Cymru/Wales and the Echo, and has been backed by Cardiff County Council's childrens' services, NCH Cymru and the Royal Mail.
THANKS to the time and effort put in by South Wales businesses, the Pocketful of Presents helped children who otherwise would have missed out on Christmas.
THE man from nowhere has told how eating Indian water buffalo and carrying a pocketful of lucky coins helped him win the greatest prize in golf.
The Echo's Pocketful of Presents appeal took to the airwaves courtesy of Red Dragon FM, which roared in to help the campaign with a welcome cash boost.
WITH THE deadline passed for the Echo's Pocketful of Presents, appeal organisers are once again thanking South Wales generosity for another success.
The court heard how he would leave his shift with a pocketful of coins, which he flogged to dealers around the country for a fraction of their value.
IT'S the time of year for giving - and the Echo's Pocketful of Presents campaign is giving people the chance to do that.
Jamming a pocketful of pound coins into the meter made no difference - no time registered and the penalty notice stayed up.
ASCOUT group has kept its promise to help other people by donating Christmas gifts to the Echo's Pocketful of Presents campaign.
The ex-Hamburg skipper reckons he can finish the season with a pocketful of medals - remarkably the first of his career.
A COMPANY more familiar with deposits is helping to make a substantial investment to the Echo's Pocketful of Presents appeal.
FINGERS were on the buzzers for a charitable law firm answering the Echo's Pocketful of Presents appeal.
The I Wanna Have Your Babies and Pocketful Of Sunshine singer, 36, previously announced that she and husband Matt Robinson were going to become parents to a baby boy.
This two-hour drama, A Pocketful of Rye, is another wonderful mystery about the sharp-eyed sleuth.