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the quantity a pocket will hold

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Did Mr McCartney start his journey with a big pocketful of small change, decide in advance which companies he was going to travel with and speculate about the most appropriate ticket for his journey?
Additional materials include facsimiles of over 300 print media reviews of Pocket Opera productions; copies of two anthologies published by Pippin: A Pocketful of Lyrics, and As the Lights Go Up: Tales from the Opera; a speech on Offenbach given by Pippin in San Francisco in 1996; a tribute ode by Anne Dudley on the occasion of Pippin's sixtieth birthday; and finally an interview with Pippin published in Journal francais d'Amerique in 1996.
You're counting out a pocketful of shrapnel by the cheap white light of Tweeddale Tackle's shuttered front.
So if the keen gardening rugby fan in your life has claimed a piece of the turf, tell them they have come home with a pocketful of parasitic worms and they'd better put it in the bucket pronto -YUK.
99 Strategy games have come on in leaps and bounds since 1994, when the first XCOM title was released, and there may only be a pocketful of gamers who remember the original with the fondness it deserves.
com)-- Multi-Award Winning artist, Conya Doss has been providing concert goers, with musical delights, since last year's release of A Pocketful of Purpose.
Pocketful Of Rain digs deep into Earle's old drug demons while the gorgeous Remember Me is a heartfelt plea from the 58-year-old to his toddler son.
Unwritten Single These Words Pocketful of Sunshine Soulmate Grammy-nominated Bedingfield has sold over two million albums worldwide and was the first British female solo artist in almost 20 years to have a number one single in the USA, with her huge hit, .
Ever since then, I have seen this happen daily, as I travel on the bus, with people asking how much it is to such and such a place, like they have never been on a bus before, fumbling for their pass, asking the date for one of those passes that has to be scratched, reaching for a purse, wallet or pocketful of coins, and the best one, offering a high denomination note and expecting change, as if the bus is a bank.
Last Laughs: A Pocketful of Wry for the Aging" is a discussion of aging in today's culture which seems to revere youthfulness.
Mr Betteridge might like to know that moving a table a few inches can often solve the problem which would save him the trouble of going out for a nice meal whilst having to carry a pocketful of beer mats.
Tipton Operatic and Amateur Dramatic Society (TOADS) welcomed Kevin Tranter, the managing director of Wolverhampton based Cooper Coated Coil (CCC), to its musical evening A Pocketful of Songs on October 14 after donating raffle prizes, with proceeds going to TOADS or a registered charity.
WILKINSON, Lily A Pocketful of Eyes Allen & Unwin, 2011 311pp $17.
A Pocketful of Magic was devised by the two performers, Gary MS eredith (who is also the founder and artistic director of Gwent Theatre) and Jain Boon, along with stage manager George Davis-Stuart, to show audiences just what this company is capable of.
Basically anyone with a kind word and a pocketful of magic dust to make things happen.