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an issue whose settlement will affect financial resources

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And higher health care costs are not just a pocketbook issue, the Coalition reminds the public; its ads say that every i percent increase in costs causes 200,000 to 400,000 people to lose their health insurance.
My gut tells me this is as much a pocketbook issue as it is a multicultural issue.
For the Canadian consumer, this is a pocketbook issue.
HOW BROADLY federal health regulators define medical loss in upcoming regulations fleshing out healthcare reform legislation has emerged as a key pocketbook issue for insurance agents.
Movies tend to be a pocketbook issue for people when they are deciding how to spend their free time, Valenti said.
Davis made it a pocketbook issue for Californians, claiming that Mexican investment in California could have been 20 percent stronger were it not for that rhetoric.
The recent rise in gasoline prices has emerged as a political issue just as Republicans were casting about for a pocketbook issue that would have as much appeal as the Democratic drive for a higher minimum wage.
It's been defined by the American people not as a health care problem but as a pocketbook issue.
These are pocketbook issues to ordinary people and important to them.
In addition, WILLIAM SPRIGGS adds a warning that overemphasis on the white working class undermines the need to build a strong class coalition of all races around pocketbook issues.
On pocketbook issues, Hillary Clinton was up 52% to Donald Trump's 48%.
With the economy flat in Argentina and in free-fall in Venezuela, and inflation rates in both countries among the highest in the world, pocketbook issues obviously influenced these election surprises.
Women care as much as anyone about economic empowerment, pocketbook issues," he said, promising to make Texas "No.
Lynn Drysdale, a veteran attorney of Jacksonville Area Legal Aid who teaches consumer law and lectures frequently regarding foreclosure and other consumer pocketbook issues, is the recipient of The Florida Bar's 2014 Consumer Protection Lawyer of the Year Award.
This makes the election similar to those elections everywhere, where social and pocketbook issues are the main concerns of the electorate.