pocketbook issue

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an issue whose settlement will affect financial resources

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Davis made it a pocketbook issue for Californians, claiming that Mexican investment in California could have been 20 percent stronger were it not for that rhetoric.
This is a major pocketbook issue for electric customers, and we want to do everything we can to avoid the possibility that the first time somebody learns about it is when they enter the voting booth.
The recent rise in gasoline prices has emerged as a political issue just as Republicans were casting about for a pocketbook issue that would have as much appeal as the Democratic drive for a higher minimum wage.
It's been defined by the American people not as a health care problem but as a pocketbook issue.
While many consider this a pocketbook issue -- less money spent at the pump -- fuel economy is also an environmental issue since it is linked to the depletion of natural resources.
Barely 100 days into his tenure at France's Finance Ministry, the transparently ambitious Nicolas Sarkozy has focused on the most controversial pocketbook issue in French politics: the nation's 35-hour workweek.
Women care as much as anyone about economic empowerment, pocketbook issues," he said, promising to make Texas "No.
This makes the election similar to those elections everywhere, where social and pocketbook issues are the main concerns of the electorate.
When consumers face these pocketbook issues, they turn to attorneys practicing consumer law to help them find better financial footing.
Obama's renewed emphasis on pocketbook issues that dominated the 2012 campaign appears to reflect the view that advancing other legacy-shaping initiatives could hinge on how he fares with unfinished economic business from his first four years.
While pocketbook issues are crucial, it's also important to speak up on public health issues that have no impact on the physician's bottom line.
These folks are not single-issue voters, and they are not motivated by pocketbook issues alone.
When Democrats are strong on these pocketbook issues, we do well.
And though most economists and environmentalists agree on the incentives--such as carbon taxes--needed to truly green the economy, politicians, especially those hailing from carbon-intensive areas, are slow to embrace them, as are voters increasingly concerned with pocketbook issues.
However, when it comes to pocketbook issues such as tax cuts, health insurance, and mortgage relief, expect certain transformations to take longer than others.